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how to find out your human design type

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I try to live in a way that is as intentional and aligned as possible. So, I’m always interested to learn more about myself and my way of being in the world, so that I can use that knowledge to guide me.

Something I’ve been very drawn to lately is Human Design. You might have heard of this system before – for those who haven’t, it is a system that uses your birth date, time, and place to guide you in how to live in alignment with your true nature.

The theory is that we each have a unique design that determines how we can best show up in the world. When we understand that design and honour it, we can live and work in a way that feels true to us.

The more I understand Human Design, the more I can see what a practical and useful tool it is to guide us on our path. So, I was thrilled to connect recently with Human Design expert Erin Claire Jones.

Erin and I made contact first vis Instagram, and she’s since joined me as one of the guests on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast. You can find the full episode here.

I was especially interested to pick Erin’s brains for insights into how Human Design can guide us in our careers and our businesses. As someone who is passionate about helping people build their businesses in a way that aligns with their deep soul purpose, I’m fascinated by how understanding our Human Design type can help us work in a way that is true to us.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Human Design, this blog post will hopefully help you get started.


Although there’s a lot more to Human Design than just knowing your type, this is a great starting point. There are five different types in Human Design: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors. 

We’ll look at each of these types in more detail in just a moment. 

If you don’t already know your type, you can easily find out by visiting Erin’s website. You’ll need to know where you were born, your birth date, and your birth time. Ideally, you need to know your exact birth time but, if you aren’t sure, just put your best estimate. 

You’ll be able to generate your chart, which probably won’t make a huge amount of sense at first! But it will show your Human Design type near the top. You might also want to make a note of your profile numbers and authority – these can tell you more about your unique design and are easy to learn more about. 

This will help you get started with Human Design. But if you want more in-depth knowledge, Erin offers a personalised 55+ page Blueprint guide to your unique design. Use the discount code FACEYOGA to get 10% off. 

Before we look more closely at the different types, it’s worth emphasising that no one type is better than the others. Each type has so many strengths, and we need all of them in the world. 

When I first discovered Human Design, I didn’t know my birth time, so I couldn’t find out my type. I assumed I must be a Projector (as you’ll see, the side of me that loves teaching and sharing knowledge seems like a great fit with this type). 

When I found out I was a Generator instead, I felt almost disappointed at first. But the deeper I dove into Human Design and the more I understood my profile, the more aligned I felt. 

The vital thing is to not try to be something we’re not. When we step into who we are and honour our unique design, we get to live in a way that is full of ease, flow, and abundance. 


Once you know your type, you can start to use it as a guide for how you can live your unique design. Here are the five Human Design types: 


I’m a Generator and so are my husband and one of my daughters. My other daughter is a Manifesting Generator, so we’re a Generator-heavy family! 

This type are the doers. They have loads of energy to build, create, and make things happen, as long as they are lit up by what they are doing. This confused me at first – I didn’t think I had this kind of constant energy. But when I looked more closely, I realised that the times when I feel depleted and burnt out are the times when I’m doing things that don’t light me up inside. 

This is a vital part of being a Generator – we need to prioritise our excitement, in life and in business. When we do work that we’re deeply satisfied by, we feel vital and energised. We need to prioritise those things and try to delegate the things that drain us as much as possible. 

Generators are also very much driven by gut instinct. We’re not designed to chase after opportunities. Instead, we do best when we wait for things to come to us. When something sparks that deep gut instinct, we should follow it, even if it doesn’t make sense to those around us. 

We also need strong boundaries. Other people can often sense a Generator’s capacity to get stuff done and might want us to do lots of things – including things that don’t spark our excitement. We need to learn to say no, so we can turn our attention to the things we intuitively respond to. 


There are a lot of similarities between Generators and Manifesting Generators, so a lot of the information above will hold true for this type too. 

The main difference is that Manifesting Generators have multiple passions at once. So, this type will struggle when they attempt to focus on just one thing. They need plenty of variety and different outlets to give their energy to. 

Manifesting Generators are also great at bringing ideas to life fast. They do best when they surround themselves with people who can take care of the step-by-step process so that they can jump ahead and continue their creative flow. They just need to remember not to expect other people to be able to keep up with them! 

In business, Manifesting Generators should try to keep things varied. A linear career is probably not going to work for this type. They need to give themselves permission to pivot and shift as needed to keep themselves inspired. 

Like Generators, Manifesting Generators are designed to let opportunities come to them and to wait for that gut spark of excitement before going after them. 


Manifestors are great initiators. They can get the ball rolling, but they aren’t necessarily going to do all the doing themselves. They spark new ideas and then move on to make themselves available to start the next thing. 

This type thrives best when they have a lot of freedom. They aren’t good at being managed, guided, or told what to do. They do things in their own way and in their own time. Manifestors are bold and challenging – they often have quite a provocative energy. They see where things are going before others do. 

Manifestors aren’t designed to wait for opportunities to come. They need to be out chasing new ideas and getting things started. They do best when they can communicate intentionally with those around them. 

In business, Manifestors are often most successful in an entrepreneurial setting where they can have freedom. If they work for others, they really need to have their own domain and the autonomy to run it as they wish. 

Manifestors are also not designed to be on the go all the time. They tend to alternate between a burst of energy and a period of rest. If possible, they need a work environment that honours this. 


Erin is a Projector and knowing this plays a big role in determining how she works. This type are leaders, guides, and teachers. They are all about supporting and guiding others, so often do well as counsellors, coaches, and managers. They aren’t here to do all the doing but are often innately wise about other people. 

Projectors are often drawn to systems like Human Design that can help them understand how people work. 

People with this type aren’t designed to chase or initiate opportunities. Instead, their strategy is all about being invited in. As an entrepreneurial Projector, Erin has realised that her role is to make herself visible so that people can find her and invite her in. Sharing her work on social media has been a major part of this. 

In business, Projectors need to understand that their strength is in how clearly they see things and not in how much they do. They often do best when they partner with people who can look after the operations and processes side of the business, so they can focus on their gift for guiding and supporting others. 

Projectors also need to build space for rest and ease in their days. Their energy will ebb and flow, so they do best when they work in a way that honours this. 


The rarest type, Reflectors are our collective mirrors. They are sensitive to the energy of the people they are around and the places they are in – they are always taking in and magnifying that energy. 

Because of this, Reflectors need to be ruthless curators of the people and places they spend time with. They are very fluid, honouring and reflecting where they are. Their opportunities come when they are in the right place and surrounded by the right people. 

Reflectors can also be described as evaluators – they often see and sense things that other people miss. In business, they do best when their unique perspective is valued and listened to. They are great at seeing what is out of alignment and telling people what needs to be fixed. 

This type also needs to be able to step in and out of other people’s energy and into their own space when needed, so a work environment that allows for this will be best. Reflectors need to work in places and with people who feel good to them. 


As I say, knowing your type is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that is contained within your Human Design chart. You can learn even more about yourself when you look more deeply into your chart, including your profile number and authority. 

However, even just knowing your type can really help to guide you in living and working in a way that is truly aligned for you. 

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