facial accupressure Feb 02, 2021
facial acupressure for the lower face

When you are stressed, you can end up holding a lot of tension in your lower face and jaw area. Often, this results in your skin looking tired and dull. You might also find lines developing, especially around the corners of your mouth.

This post will cover a quick routine to rejuvenate the lower face. It uses five acupressure points to release tension, increase your circulation, and get the energy flowing freely again. It is one of my favourite ways to address sagging and lines in this area of your face in a super gentle and nourishing way.

It takes very little time but is a beautifully restorative practice to rejuvenate the skin and give you a sense of calm. 


All you need for this routine is your own fingers. But if you prefer a little organic and vegan oil to help your fingers move more smoothly, you can use a few drops of my Fusion by Danielle Collins face serum

Made from organic plant oils, the serum is gentle and moisturising – a perfect compliment to acupressure massage to restore and lift your lower face.

Make sure your face and hands are clean before you start. You can use this short routine on its own, or as a complement to any of my other face yoga practices. There are plenty of ideas to get you started via my apps, or in my Danielle Collins Face Yoga book.


Start by making yourself comfortable. Lengthen your spine, relax your shoulders, and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself.

We will begin with the acupressure points at the corners of our mouths. Press gently with your index fingers on both sides.

Choose a pressure that feels right for you. But remember, pressing harder won’t necessarily bring any extra benefits. It is fine to keep your touch relatively light if that is what feels most comfortable for you.

Concentrate on your breathing and try to relax your face as much as possible. This point is good for releasing stagnant energy and preventing those small lines that often appear at the corners of our mouths.

Next, we massage the acupressure points. Gently circle your fingers in one direction, just for a few seconds, then change direction and circle the other way.

The second point we will go to is the one in the centre of your chin, right at the indentation. This point is good for releasing trapped energy and held tension from your jaw. It also encourages the circulation in the skin around your mouth, bringing all the oxygen and nutrients your skin needs.

As before, start by finding a pressure that works for you and hold here for a few seconds. You can close your eyes if that feels good for you.

Then massage the point, first by circling your finger in one direction and then in the other.

The third point we’ll go to is one I like to think of as the tonic point because it is good for general wellness. A great one to concentrate on if you are feeling dizzy or under the weather. Quick note though – if you are pregnant, leave this point out and skip ahead to the next one.

It is found in the centre of the gap between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip.

Gently press the acupressure point with your index finger. Hold there for a few seconds, then circle your finger first one way and then the other.

Finally, take your index fingers to your cheeks. You can find the correct position by sucking in your cheeks and placing your fingers at the indent. Release your cheeks and press gently with your fingers, before repeating the same circular massage motion in both directions.

This pressure point is excellent for lifting sagging cheeks and improving the health of the skin in this area, which can often look dull or blemished.

And we are done. Take one last deep breath to end the practice.

You can watch the routine through here on my YouTube channel.

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