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Astrology star signs

Astrology is an ancient science that has been practised for thousands of years. Most of us know our star sign (also known as a sun sign) and we might know a little bit about how the different sun signs correspond to different elements and personality types.

For example, I am a Pisces, a water sign. And parts of the typical Pisces personality resonate with me – I’m sensitive, emotion-led, and trust my intuition. But some aspects of being a Pisces don’t seem to fit me at all. I used to read horoscopes for Pisces and feel like a vital piece of the picture was missing.

It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve had my chart done and realised that, while my sun sign is Pisces, my moon sign and rising sign are both Aquarius. As we’ll see, Aquarius is an air sign. It is all about thinking outside the box, communicating new ideas, and sharing knowledge with people.

Once I had this piece of the puzzle, things made so much more sense to me. Knowing that I’m strongly governed by the element of air helps me to understand my personality and my approach to life much better.

Astrology can be a beautiful tool for self-growth. Knowing our charts can help us discover the elements we are rich in and the ones we are lacking. Then, we can use this knowledge to bring ourselves into balance and create space for growth and change.

I recently welcomed Debra Silverman as a guest on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast. Debra is a psychologist and astrologer with over 40 years of professional experience. She’s an excellent guide to astrology and the impact that understanding our signs can have on our lives.

Debra shared some insights into the 12 astrological star signs, the four elements, and the role of the sun, moon, and rising signs. In this post, I’m bringing together some of her thoughts to provide a beginner’s guide to the 12 signs of the zodiac and how you can use them as a tool for growth.

You can also catch up with our chat by listening to the podcast episode.


In astrology, there are four elements – water, air, earth, and fire. Each element has three signs. Although the signs are all different in focus, those that share an element have certain aspects in common.

Water: The dreamer. Water signs are sensitive, emotional, and instinctive. They feel deeply and are guided by their intuition.

Air: The communicator. Air signs are social, interested in people, and love learning and knowledge. They are great networkers and educators.

Earth: The practical one. Earth signs are grounded, detail-orientated, and organised. They are good at numbers, cleaning, and sticking to schedules.

Fire: The fun lover. Fire signs are enthusiastic, fun, loud, and a bit wild. They are always on the go, usually athletic, and can become ego-centric if they get out of balance.

Ideally, we want a balance of all four elements, but most of us have a predominant element. For example, although I am Pisces, which is a water sign, the element I have the most of is air.

This is reflected in the work I do – always sharing knowledge and connecting with people. And it also shows up in my astrological chart. Not only are my moon and rising signs both Aquarius, an air sign, but six of my planets are in air.

On the other hand, my chart has no earth in it, which is also true of my personality.

Reading these descriptions, you likely have an instinctive idea of which element you are predominant in and which you are lacking. Astrology gives us a framework to talk about this and understand ourselves better.

When we know which elements we are missing, we can consciously choose to embrace activities that correspond with that element. If you lack earth, you might decide to learn to cook, for example. This helps us to bring ourselves into balance.

Embracing the elements that we don’t have naturally is a challenge. But it is when we challenge ourselves that we create space for growth and change.


Debra explained that we always begin with Aries because it is at the start of spring when new life begins to sprout.

Aries: As a fire sign, Aries starts off the astrological year with a burst of energy and enthusiasm. This sign is always excited. But it also has a temper.

Taurus: With its earth energy, Taurus brings us back down to the ground. It’s stable, calm, patient, and practical.

Gemini: An air sign, Gemini wants to liven things up. Joyful, talkative, and social, Gemini is innocent and curious.

Cancer: The first of the water signs, Cancer loves to stay home with family and has little interest in going out to socialise. Cancer is introverted and quiet.

Leo: Another fire sign, Leo is a social entertainer. It loves to have fun, show off, and invite people over for a party.

Virgo: Precise and ordered, this earth sign is all about systems and organisation. Virgo loves a list and is always focused on the practicalities of life.

Libra: The second air sign, Libra is romantic and looks for the beauty in life. A thinker and a talker, Libra is all about making connections and building relationships.

Scorpio: Quiet, deep, and profound, Scorpio is a water sign. It takes life seriously and wants to make sure everything is under control.

Sagittarius: The final fire sign is a knowledge seeker. Sagittarius asks the big questions in life, loves to dive deep into other cultures, and goes after new experiences.

Capricorn: An earth sign, Capricorn is driven to succeed. This sign will get the company organised and then become the chief executive. It brings in wealth and knows how to manage money.

Aquarius: A rule breaker, Aquarius is an air sign that loves to think outside the box. It is innovative and always coming up with new ideas.

Pisces: Deeply spiritual but a little self-conscious, this is the final water sign. Pisces can see beyond the everyday world but strives to act normal and fit in.


Most of us know our sun/star signs, which are dictated by the day we are born. This sign governs our everyday personality and represents the ego. 

In contrast, our rising sign is our souls. It is what we are ascending into. And our moon signs are our emotional bodies. It is the hidden, internal energy we keep behind the scenes.

If you know the place and time of your birth, you can discover your moon and rising signs online. But Debra recommends working with a trained astrologist who can help to interpret your chart and explain what it means.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to astrology. Understanding your signs gives you greater insight into how you can create growth, make conscious decisions, and navigate change.

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