face yoga facial exercise Apr 08, 2022
3 easy facial exercises to bring symmetry to your eyebrows

Today’s post is all about the eyebrows. I’m sharing three quick and easy exercises you can do to bring some symmetry to the upper face, particularly the eyebrow area.

Now, it is completely normal to have some asymmetry in the face. All of us have one side that is stronger and more lifted than the other. Most of the time, the difference is quite slight and not particularly noticeable at a casual glance.

Sometimes asymmetry is just down to genetics. Other times, it can be caused by using the muscles on each side of our face slightly differently, meaning one side is tighter or more toned than the other. Even sleep position and sun damage on one side can be a factor.

What we aim to do with Face Yoga is bring back some of that symmetry naturally and gently by working with the muscles of the face.

Make sure you have clean hands before you start this Face Yoga routine. Since we’re just focusing on one area and using a relatively minimal amount of touch, you don’t need to worry too much about taking your makeup off for this short routine. However, I do advise a clean face if you are going to be doing these exercises as part of a longer Face Yoga or facial massage sequence.

It is also really helpful to have a mirror to hand when working through these three techniques. We’re trying to encourage more symmetry, so being able to see your face will mean you can make sure you are achieving that with each move.


Take the tips of your index fingers to the outer edge of your eyebrows. Gently pull your eyebrows away from each other. 

At the same time, open your eyes wide. This engages the ring muscles around the eyes – the orbicularis oculi.

This is where your mirror comes in handy, so you can make sure you are opening both eyes the same amount and pulling your eyebrows out into the same position. 

Be careful not to pull one eyebrow further up than the other – remember, this sequence is all about symmetry.

Hold this for 20-30 seconds and release. Repeat the move twice more.


Next, bring your index fingers together in the middle of your forehead. 

With the tips of your fingers resting at the top of your forehead and the backs of your fingers against your skin, smooth outwards across your forehead until the bottoms of your fingers are at the outer corners of your eyebrows. Your index fingers provide a gentle tension to pull your eyebrows out slightly. 

Again, widen your eyes to engage the muscles in this area. Use your mirror to check that you are holding your eyes and eyebrows evenly on both sides.

Breathe deeply in and out of your nose as you hold this pose for 20-30 seconds. Release and repeat it three more times. 


Bring your index fingers to rest just under your eyebrows, with the tips of your fingers beside your nose. 

Use your fingers to gently lift your eyebrows upwards, just a tiny bit. Again, use your mirror to make sure your eyebrows are level as you do this move.

Keeping your fingers in place to provide a bit of tension, close your eyes. Hold here for about 10 seconds.

As you hold the pose, continue to take deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Gently bring your hands back down.


Before we end this routine, we’re going to do a tiny bit of massage to release tension and tightness from the eyebrow area.

Simply use your index fingers to stroke gently across your eyebrows. Focus on letting go of any tension and relaxing the muscles in this area.

You might notice that one side feels tighter or more lifted than the other, which is very normal. Many of us over-use the eyebrows and forehead when we express, which can cause tension in this area. If we use one side more than the other, the difference in muscle tightness can cause slight asymmetry in the eyebrows.

All done! This whole sequence should only take a few minutes, so it hopefully fits easily into your existing routine. I have a video version on my YouTube channel too. 

Like all face yoga, these techniques will work best if you do them regularly. Over time, you can start to train the muscles around your eyes and eyebrows to work more evenly, reducing asymmetry.

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