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Cheek lifting facial exercises

Today I’m bringing you six cheek lifting Face Yoga exercises from an Instagram Live class I did with globally renowned makeup artist, Nadira V Persaud. We both show you our favourite three moves and you can follow along using this video 

For these exercises, you will need a touch of face serum or oil on freshly cleansed skin so you have a little glide for your hands. We’re going to be working our cheeks gently, with fingertips and knuckles.

These six cheek exercises are all designed to firm, lift, and give a gorgeous glow.


Place the tips of your index fingers on the nasolabial pressure point, just beside your nostrils. Now work right under the cheekbone.

Keep pressing your way along with good strong pressure. You’ll soon find your areas of tension. When you do, it’s fine to stay there longer. Work up to your ears, then repeat. Use your knuckles if your fingertips didn’t give enough pressure. You can do this around ten times, if you have time. Do be mindful.


Now that we’ve warmed up, we’ll glide our knuckles across in the same area.

Begin by pressing by the nasal passage. Press and hold, then slowly work under the cheekbone and up to the jaw joint just under the earlobe. This gliding helps to de-puff and define your face. You have to relieve the tension first, before the strengthening and defining will happen.


Next is a knuckle hold.

Hands in fists, place your knuckles under the cheekbone. Open and close your mouth slowly. You’ll need strong pressure but you should never feel pain, but you’ll eventually feel other areas releasing tension.


This exercise will continue massaging your face.

Using two fingers and a thumb, pinch the flesh across this same area. This will release even more tension and help the skin to glow as well. It stimulates more circulation up to the top layer of skin, bringing warmth and oxygen.

Work right around the cheeks, feeling for any tight spots. If you’re prone to nasal labial folds, you can focus pinching there. Pinching brings fresh blood, nutrients, and oxygen up to the skin’s surface. This is an instant brightener.


This exercise tones.

Puff your cheeks full of air. If you get lines around your lips, use your fingers to smooth them out. Using the other hand, start tapping on one side. Make sure you’re breathing in and out through the nose. Tap more on any areas you have lines, like nasal labial or marionette. Swap sides after about 30 seconds. Tap for 30 seconds and relax.


Our final cheek lifter will lift the entire area.

Wrap your lips around your teeth and lift the lip corners up. Again, use your fingers to smooth any lines that you may notice. Now tilt your head back as far as comfortable.

Hold for ten seconds breathing deeply, then come all the way back down. You can repeat this twice more. This lifts, tones, and firms. Tap out any tension or tightness.

These are six quick exercises that will beautifully lift and energize your cheeks. They’re perfect for a non-surgical face lift. They also help with blood flow, which brings extra nutrients to your skin.

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