skincare Jan 30, 2023
how to use a dry brush on your face for lymphatic drainage


In this blog post, I’m running through a quick tutorial to show you how to use a dry brush on your face to boost lymphatic drainage. You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel.

If you’re a regular practitioner of face yoga, you already know how important the lymphatic system is for giving us beautiful, glowing skin. It lies just beneath our skin and is responsible for getting rid of waste and toxins. Plus, it plays an important role in our immune systems.

You might already be familiar with using a dry brush on your body for lymphatic drainage. Perhaps this is something that you do as part of your daily routine.

But most people stop at the chest or neck and don’t continue up onto the face. Although the skin here is more delicate, dry brushing your face can be really beneficial – not only does it help to boost lymphatic drainage, but it also gets rid of dry skin and gets blood circulation moving too.

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Start with clean hands and a clean face. We want to make sure that we’ve gotten rid of any dirt or makeup before using a dry brush on our faces.

You also want to choose a brush that is specifically designed for use on your face. It should have nice soft bristles. I found mine on Amazon a few years ago for only around £5, so it shouldn’t set you back much at all.

Because my skin is sensitive and I have quite a few moles on my face, I went with the softest bristles I could find. You don’t want to irritate or scratch at your skin.


Bring your brush onto your collarbone and start to use a small circular action to brush over the skin. Use a really gentle pressure. Remember that the lymphatic system lies just beneath the skin, so you don’t need to press hard at all to help it get moving.

We’re starting at the collarbones so that we can stimulate the lymph nodes located in this area. This is really important because we’re going to be doing lots of lymphatic drainage, so we want to make sure all that waste is carried away from our skin cells efficiently.

Next, bring the brush to the areas just beneath your ears, by the corners of your jaw. Again, we’re stimulating the lymph nodes here to drain toxins away from the face and reduce puffiness and bloating.


Turn your chin slightly to one side so that you can brush down the side of your neck, moving from the base of your jaw down to your collarbone. Remember to use a lovely light pressure and to repeat on the other side too.

Follow up by coming down the back of your neck. The direction you brush in is important – we want to move waste and toxins away from the face to the lymph nodes so that they can be removed.

So, make sure you are always brushing down your neck and then lifting the brush off and replacing it at the top to come back down again.

Be careful too not to brush over any skin that is broken or has wounds or rashes. I’m also very careful when brushing over moles and use a very light pressure to go over them.

It’s normal to have some redness appear as you continue to dry brush, which is a sign that you are bringing lots of fresh blood up to the skin’s surface. But if your skin feels irritated or sore, stop.


Bring your brush up to your chin. Working on one side at a time, brush outwards along your jawline. We’re still using a very light touch here, but this action will also start to gently lift the skin.

Once you’ve brushed over both sides of your jaw, come up slightly to move your brush over the cheekbones. Again, you want to brush outwards from your nose and come right out to the hairline, concentrating on one side at a time.


After the cheekbones, bring your brush up to the eye area and very gently brush under one eye, going out from the bridge of your nose, beneath your eye, and then out towards your temple.

Since the skin here is especially thin and sensitive, use an even lighter pressure.

Because we’re really focusing on draining the lymph, we’re going to return to the side of the neck and brush down again. This encourages any puffiness or fluid from under our eyes to drain out through the lymph vessels and down through the lymph nodes.

Then, repeat the same action beneath the other eye, remembering to follow up with brushing down the side of the neck too.


Next, brush up between your eyebrows to soften any lines and lift the skin in this area. 

Then, move outwards over your forehead. Start at the centre and brush out over one side a few times first, then repeat on the other side.

As you brush, connect with your breath, taking slow, deep inhales and exhales through your nose. This is really important to help with lymphatic drainage.

Once again, come back to the neck and brush down one side and then the other to encourage all that lymph fluid to drain away. 


Now that you’ve reached the top of your face, work back through the steps to come back down the face, brushing under your eyes, over your cheekbones, and across the jaw. 

Come under your jaw too, moving from the chin to the corner of your jawbone.

Then, brush back down the sides of your neck from beneath your ears down onto your collarbone.

Next, repeat that little circular motion that we started with behind your ears.

Finally, come down and brush over your chest, going outwards from the centre. Finish with those little circular motions on your collarbone.


Once you are done with your dry brushing, wash your face and your brush, then apply a few drops of the Fusion by Danielle Collins Pro Lift Moisturising Serum to soothe and nourish your skin.

You can use this routine three to five times a week, depending on how your skin feels. I always encourage you to be very intuitive with how you use my techniques and work to your own level with everything we do.

If you’d like a video tutorial for this dry brushing sequence, you can find one over on my YouTube channel.

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