face yoga facial exercise Jul 05, 2022
eyebrow exercises to reduce hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes and want to reduce their appearance, you can do so through some easy Face Yoga techniques. 


Before doing any Face Yoga, you should always wash your hands and clean your face. You can do so with your favourite hand soap and facial cleanser, and dry thoroughly when done. 


The Fusion Serum by Danielle Collins gives you more glide as you do these Face Yoga techniques, improving the desired results. This serum can help reduce tension in your face while making the exercises more impactful. 


When doing Face Yoga exercises, gently but fully breathe in through your nose and out through your nose for optimised results. 

This breathing also helps you relax and clear your mind of stress. Take long deep breaths in and even longer deep breaths out for optimal calmness and comfort. 


To reduce the appearance of hooded eyes through Face Yoga, below are three incredibly simple eyebrow exercises you can do anytime. 

  1. Pinch Across Your Eyebrow Area

This first exercise is simple and gentle. Take your middle finger, index finger, and thumb. Begin at the inside of each eyebrow and gently pinch your eyebrows. Starting at the inner corner, move your fingers along each eyebrow and lift off as you pull away. 

You can do this for up to one minute or just five or ten repetitions if that feels too long. 

This exercise is a simple and effective way to lift and define the eyebrow area, working to reduce the appearance of hooded eyes. 

  1. Smooth Across Your Eyebrows

Take your index and middle finger. Begin with your middle finger at the top of your nose bridge underneath the eyebrow. Place your index finger in the centre of your forehead above the eyebrows. 

Smooth the areas around your eyebrows, dragging your fingers from the inside toward the outside of your face. As you do this, you should focus on relieving the tension and tightness in that area and pushing it out of your face. 

Your middle finger should remain below the eyebrows and the index finger above the eyebrow. As you smooth your face, gently squeeze your eyebrows between both fingers for the best results. 

Similarly, you can do this for up to a minute or do 10-20 repetitions on each side to get the full effect and help relax the area around your eyebrows. 

  1. Press Just Above Your Eyebrows

Take your index fingers, middle fingers, and ring fingers. Place them gently but firmly above your eyebrows. Here, there are acupressure points that can tighten. Using your three fingers, press against these points to relieve tension. 

As you press these points above your eyebrow, ever so slightly lift upward and outward. Make sure you do not crease your forehead while you do this. 

Stimulating these acupressure points can help relieve stress and improve wellness. You can do this exercise for about a minute or until your face feels relaxed and free of tension. 


Try these exercises to reduce your hooded eyes while also releasing tension and tightness in your eyebrow area. Ensure you do these gently and maintain proper breathing.

Even if you don’t have hooded eyes, these three exercises are calming and rejuvenating. 

If you want to help others feel and look their best, you can learn about similar exercises and teaching by becoming a Face Yoga teacher