face yoga wellness Sep 03, 2021
How to do face yoga if you have acne

I could fill many blog posts about the amazing benefits of Face Yoga for lifting our faces, giving us healthier skin, and releasing stress and tension.

But if you are prone to acne, you might worry about touching your face too much, in case you aggravate it. So, today’s post will run through a short routine that is beautiful for people who struggle with acne.

These moves are either hands-free or use minimal touch, making them perfect for anyone who is experiencing an active breakout. This is also a great routine if you are prone to acne and want to reduce the likelihood of breakouts in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no magical cure for acne. But this Face Yoga routine has several benefits. First, it will give you all the lifting and toning power of Face Yoga in a way that won’t cause breakouts. 

Second, it promotes healthier skin by working with lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and energy flow. If you do this regularly, your skin will look and feel healthier, which may help to reduce acne and prevent future breakouts.

This whole sequence takes less than 10 minutes, so it is easy to fit into your daily routine. You may like to follow along via this Youtube video and if you would like to learn more about acne you can listen to this episode of The Face Yoga Expert Podcast. 


I always remind you to have clean hands before starting a Face Yoga routine, but this is especially vital if you are prone to acne. Although we aren’t going to be touching the face much, make sure your hands and face are both very clean before starting the sequence.

I also recommend applying a few drops of a facial serum to your skin to help your hands move smoothly when you do need to touch your face. 

My favourite serum is Fusion by Danielle Collins, which was formulated specifically for use with Face Yoga.  Although it is rich in active, organic, plant-based ingredients, it is non-greasy and won’t block your pores. You can find it in my shop.

Find a comfortable place to sit. It helps to have a mirror to hand, so you can see what you are doing.

When you are ready, close your eyes and tune into your breath. Start to lengthen out the breath, inhaling for a count of four, holding for two, and exhaling for six. You should be inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

As you focus on your breath, start to feel everything calm down and relax.

We’ll be using this breath all the way through the practice, and I am also going to set you some homework – to tune back into your breath whenever you remember throughout the day.

Stress has a major impact on our bodies – it affects our hormones, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and nervous system. Because of this, stress can make acne much worse. So, anything we can do to reduce our stress levels will help to reduce acne too.

Focusing on the breath is a simple and effective way to find calm and feel our stress levels dropping. Whenever you feel your stress rising, come back to this breathing practice.


When you are feeling calm, open your eyes and take your index fingers to the acupressure points on either side of your nostrils. These points are fantastic for any skin condition because they help with energy flow and blood circulation. Plus, they are great to use when you have blocked sinuses.

Continue to breathe as you apply pressure to these points. If you have some blockage in your nose, you may find the breath feels a little constricted at first, but it will open up as you unblock the area.

Massage the points in a small circular motion, first one way and then the other.

Then take your index fingers to your temples. If you have any acne in this area, try to find a clearer spot to rest your fingers, or just use lighter pressure.

Close your eyes and release any tension you are holding in your face. These points are excellent for stress release. Keep up your breathing too, feeling your abdomen rise on the inhale and fall with the exhale.

As before, give the points a circular massage in one direction and then the other.


This next move is a hands-free exercise to lift and tone the muscles in the lower face. But it is also fantastic for cell renewal and releasing any blocked energy. Plus, it really helps with jaw definition.

Sit up straight, moving your shoulders down and back. Turn your head to the side and tilt it back slightly. Then stick out your tongue.

Hold this pose for a count of 10 and then release. Repeat it on the other side. Then do it once more on each side.

Don’t forget your breath!


Again, this move is excellent for lifting and toning the muscles under the skin. It also helps to encourage good blood circulation. 

Make sure you use a light touch to avoid aggravating any acne.

Take your index fingers to the sides of your nose, just above your nostrils, where you can feel the bone underneath your eye.

Make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth. Move your eyes to look upwards and flutter your upper eyelids.

This can be surprisingly hard work. But it is excellent for releasing tension under the eyes, working the muscles of your upper eyelid and lower face, and encouraging a good flow of blood and energy.

Try to keep going for 20-30 seconds.


This next exercise is taken from my new book, which is out in September. 

Press the flats of your thumbnails lightly to the outer corners of your eyes, then take your index fingers to meet in the middle, between your eyebrows.

Slowly half-close your eyes, then close them entirely. Feel for a little shake at the outer edge where your thumbnails are.

When you feel that little shake, hold the pose for five seconds and then release. Once you are used to the move, you can do it for longer.

Repeat this a second time.


This final move is super simple but also very effective at toning the muscles of the lower face. Just puff your cheeks full of air and hold it for around 30 seconds.

Use your fingertips to smooth away any lines that appear when you puff out your cheeks, then lightly rest the fingers of one hand against your lips.

Remember to keep breathing with that long exhale and inhale through your nose as you hold the air in your cheeks.


We are going to end the routine by bringing our focus back to the breath. Close your eyes and breathe. 

As you do, repeat this affirmation in your head: “I am beautiful, inside and out”. Try to really feel into the truth of those words.

And we are done! This short sequence can easily become part of your daily routine. As with all self-care practices, it is a matter of making it a regular habit that you automatically incorporate into your day.

I am a great believer in making these small changes towards a healthy and joy-filled life. And I want to share as many tools as I can to help others get there too. That is why my new book focuses on helping you make self-care a part of your daily life.

It is called The Face Yoga Journal, and it is due out in September, but you can already pre-order your copy here. It is packed full of 52 weeks’ worth of face yoga exercises and wellness hacks to accompany you on your journey. And it is un-dated, so you can start at any time.