face yoga neck Sep 23, 2022
facial exercises for a turkey neck

I’ve got a lovely, quick, and simple face yoga routine for you in this blog post. These four exercises target the muscles in the front and side of the neck, helping to lift the neck area and prevent or reduce a turkey neck. 

The whole routine can be done in less than five minutes, so you can easily slot it into your day whenever you have a few minutes spare. You don’t need any equipment, although I do recommend applying a few drops of my Pro Lift Moisturising Serum to the skin of your neck before you start. 

The serum helps to give a lovely glide to your skin, allowing your hands to move easily when you come to the massage at the end of this sequence. It is also packed with organic seed oils to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. 

So often, we stop our skincare at our chin and forget to carry on down onto our necks. So, this is a good opportunity to show the skin in this area some love too. 

Find a comfortable place to sit or stand. Take a few deep breaths, then you are ready to begin. 


Place the fingertips of both hands onto your collarbones. Gently tilt your head back. Be careful to work to your own level here, especially if you have neck issues. You can always bring your head further upright if that feels better for your neck. 

Stick out your bottom lip and feel the muscles at the front of the neck engage. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds, then release. 

This technique helps to tone and lift the front of the neck. 


Lower your hands back down. Gently turn your head to one side. Tilt your chin slightly up and back, then stick out your tongue, stretching it up and out, with the tip pointing towards your nose. 

Hold for 30-60 seconds, then release and repeat on the other side. 

This move targets the muscles in the side of your neck. 


Spread your arms diagonally down and slightly behind you like giant wings, feeling the stretch across your upper back and shoulder blades. 

Gently turn your head from side to side, continuing for up to a minute. 

This pose helps to open up your chest and release tension from your shoulders and neck. It’s a great antidote to the hunched-over position that we often find ourselves in and helps to prevent a turkey neck. 


We’ll finish this routine with a gentle massage to encourage blood circulation to the skin of the neck area, helping to prevent lines and wrinkles. 

Using both hands, smooth up over your neck, starting at your collarbone and gliding up until you reach your chin. Tilt your head back slightly so you can access the area beneath your chin more easily. 

Continue for around a minute, then release your hands down. 


All finished! This is a quick and easy routine that you can do daily to lift and tone the neck area. If you’d like to watch a video version, you can also find it on my YouTube channel

Like any form of exercise, face yoga works best when you make it a regular practice. For support on your journey, explore the resources available via my online shop – no matter what level you’re at with face yoga, there’s plenty there to help you.