face yoga facial massage Jan 19, 2022
6 facial massages for energised skin

Starting your day with some facial massage is a fantastic way to wake up your skin and help you look bright and energised. 

Facial massage is also a wonderful part of your daily self-care practice. Taking even just a few minutes to nourish your skin with a loving touch through Face Yoga helps to remind you that you are worthy of care, attention, and affection.

This post will run through six simple facial massage moves that are perfect for the mornings. We’re going to cover the whole face, from your neck to your forehead. It is a seven-minute routine that leaves your skin looking and feeling more energised.


Make sure your hands and face are clean before you start. The ideal time to do this facial massage sequence is after your morning skincare routine and before you put your makeup on. As well as releasing tension and waking up your skin, the massage helps your skincare products penetrate more deeply.

Apply a few drops of the Danielle Collins facial moisturising serum to your neck and face to help your hands move easily over your skin.

You might find it easiest to use a mirror while you do this routine, at least at first, so you can see what you are doing.

I also encourage you to work very intuitively with any face yoga or facial massage routine. Take a moment to connect with your body and breath. Feel into what your skin needs from you at this moment. Choose a pressure that feels right for you, and feel free to spend more or less time on each technique, depending on how your skin and muscles react.

Take a few deep, grounding breaths through your nose, focusing on releasing tension and letting your whole face relax. Then, we are ready to begin!


We begin this routine with the neck and will work up the face to wake up the skin and release any tension that has built up overnight. 

Start by using all your fingers to smooth down your neck, from your jaw to your collarbone. This helps to encourage the lymphatic drainage system, removing waste and making your skin look more energised.

Then switch to stroking up under your chin, using one hand after the other. Remember to keep taking those deep, calming breaths through your nose as you massage your face.

With your thumbs, flick upwards underneath your chin to release tension and increase blood flow to the skin.

2. JAW

Form a ‘V’ shape with your index and middle fingers and use it to smooth along your jawline, working out from your chin. Alternate your hands so that you are doing one side and then the other.

The jaw is somewhere many of us hold a lot of stress and tension, especially when we are trying to keep control of situations. This massage technique helps to release some of that stress and get the energy flowing freely again.


Next, we move to the cheeks. 

We’re going to spend a little longer in this area to release any tightness and bring plenty of fresh blood to the skin. That blood brings with it lots of oxygen and nutrients to feed the skin cells and help your skin look bright and energised.

Place the fingertips of your index and middle fingers on your jawline, about midway between your chin and ear on each side. Slowly smooth up your cheeks, opening your fingers out into a ‘V’ shape as you move upwards. 

When you reach your cheekbones, take your fingers off and replace them at your jaw to repeat the move.

Then, use your middle and index finger and your thumb to pinch up your cheeks, starting at your jaw. You want to make sure you are pinching deep down into the muscle here, instead of lifting or pulling at the skin.

This might feel strong, but it is a great move for releasing tension from your muscles and increasing blood circulation. Remember to work to your own level and use a pressure that feels right to you.

Now, place the index and middle finger on one hand on your jaw, midway between your chin and ear. Use these fingers to keep your skin taut while you use the index finger of your other hand to smooth up your cheek in a curve, going from your jaw to the corner of your nose.

Repeat this on the other side.

Using your index and middle fingers together, flick upwards below your cheekbones. Start at the centre by your nose and move outwards to wake up the skin and relax the muscles.

Form your hands into fists and place the middle knuckles against your cheeks. Keep your hands in contact with your skin as you massage in a circular motion, slowly moving out towards your ears. This helps you to get deep into the muscles and release any tightness or tension you’ve been holding onto.


We move to the eyes next. Our eyes often feel tired and puffy when we first wake up, so these moves will help to encourage lymphatic drainage and boost the blood flow to your eye area.

Place three fingers under each eye and gently pulse them for around thirty seconds to a minute. This simple move is surprisingly effective at boosting blood circulation and getting any stagnant energy moving again.

With your index fingers, smooth around your eyes in a circle. Keep the pressure very light here – the skin around your eyes is delicate so we want to use a soft, gentle touch.

Next, bring your index fingers to your temples. Holding them here, look from side to side, just moving your eyes. This helps to strengthen the eye muscles.

Tap gently all around your eye area, avoiding the eyes themselves. This is a great technique for increasing blood circulation and reducing dark circles and puffiness.


The final area of the face to massage is your forehead. With three fingers, press just above your eyebrows while you take a couple of deep breaths. Move your fingers up to the middle of your forehead and repeat this, then again at your hairline.

As you press, visualise the tension leaving your face and all your muscles relaxing.

Form one index finger into a hook shape. Using the middle knuckle, smooth up between your eyebrows. This move helps to reduce any number 11 lines and activates the third eye point, which is known for calming the mind.

Make fists with both hands and place the middle knuckles together at the centre of your forehead. Smooth them outwards to release tension and reduce the appearance of forehead lines.

Finally, use all your fingers to tap rapidly over your forehead. You can work down over your cheeks and jaw too, leaving your skin looking and feeling more energised.


To finish, place the palms of your hands on your forehead. Close your eyes and take some deep, relaxing breaths. Visualise all the tension draining away as you hold yourself with this loving touch.

After a few breaths, move your hands to your cheeks and hold there. Then do the same on your neck.


We are all finished. Hopefully, this facial massage routine has left you with glowing, healthy skin and a calm mind, ready to face the rest of your day.

Although this routine is wonderful first thing, you can also do it in the evening to relax and unwind before bed. I share the full sequence over on my YouTube channel.

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