face yoga facial massage Apr 22, 2022
Facial massages to help tighten your turkey neck

The neck is one area where many of us develop sagging or loose skin as we get older. This happens because the muscles in the neck naturally weaken as we age, causing the attached skin to droop.

We also produce less collagen and elastin as we get older. This means our skin loses some of its elasticity and plumpness, which again can lead to the appearance of a turkey neck.

Fortunately, there are Face Yoga techniques you can use to address these issues and give a natural lift to your neck area. In this post, I’m going to focus on three facial massage methods that help to tighten a turkey neck.

These techniques aim to increase blood circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and encourage good posture – all things that will help to tone and lift the skin of the neck area.

Before you start, make sure you have clean hands and a clean face/neck. Apply some serum to help your hands move easily over your skin. I like to use my Pro Lift Facial Moisturising Serum, which is specially designed for use with Face Yoga.

I suggest aiming for about a minute for each of these massage techniques, which means this whole sequence will only take around 3 minutes. Work to your own level with each of these, and don’t forget that you don’t need to press super hard to get results. Often gentler is better with Face Yoga.


Take your hands underneath your chin. Using the tops of your fingers, tap rapidly upwards over the skin beneath your chin.

As well as encouraging blood flow to the skin, bringing lots of fresh oxygen and nutrients, this technique helps to encourage good posture. It also helps to tone the skin, reducing sagging and tightening the area.


Form the index and middle fingers on both hands into a hook shape and bring them up to your jaw. Using the middle knuckles, smooth over your jaw, starting at the chin and moving out towards your ear.

The knuckle of your middle finger will work along the top of your jaw and your index finger will smooth underneath.

When you reach the outer edge of your jaw, lift your hands off and bring them back to your chin to repeat the move.

This massage helps to lift and define the jaw area. If you have a gua sha tool, you can also use it instead of your fingers to do this massage.


Using your thumbs, stroke upwards over your upper neck and across the skin below your chin. Make sure you cover the full area, varying where you stroke your thumbs so that you massage all of the skin beneath your chin.

This simple massage technique is great for increasing blood circulation to the skin, which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients, as well as removing waste. 

This massage also helps to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention in the area under the chin, which can often lead to puffiness and sagging skin. 


All done! These three massage techniques are quick and simple, but they can really help to lift and tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of a turkey neck. I showcase these methods over on my YouTube channel too. 

Since the whole sequence only takes around 3 minutes, it is hopefully easy to fit into your existing daily routine. Many people like to do their face yoga as part of their evening or morning skincare, but you can use these techniques at any time of day.

Most of all, it is important to make face yoga a regular habit if you want to see results. I am a big believer in the power of small, daily actions. On their own, these things aren’t a big commitment. But when you do them every day, they can spark noticeable change.

This change goes beyond just aesthetics. Although face yoga does wonders for your face, it also brings deeper benefits to your mindset and wellness. Making time for daily self-care is fantastic for helping you cope with stress, build your self-confidence, and remind yourself of your worth.

My two books, Danielle Collins Face Yoga and the Face Yoga Journal are designed to support you in making face yoga a daily habit. They are also packed with wellness hacks to help you take advantage of the deeper benefits of this self-care practice.

You can use each book on its own, but they are brilliant together too. Danielle Collins Face Yoga is a great introduction to the principles of face yoga, with step-by-step exercises, wellness advice, and whole-face routines. 

Meanwhile, the Face Yoga Journal is an interactive journal to take you through 52 weeks of face yoga, with space to add your own thoughts and record your progress. 

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