face yoga facial massage May 25, 2022
forehead smoothing facial massages

Many of us over-express with our eyebrows and forehead, leading to tension in the muscles and an increased risk of developing lines in this area. So, in this post, I’m going to run through five simple facial massage techniques that help to smooth the forehead, release muscle tension, and reduce lines and wrinkles.

This is a lovely calming routine that should only take a couple of minutes. It is a wonderful one to do just before bedtime to help you wind down and relax. It is also great any time during the day if you notice your forehead feeling tight or tense.

Before you start, make sure you have clean hands and a clean face. I like to apply a few drops of my Pro Lift Facial Moisturising Serum too. Part of the Fusion by Danielle Collins skincare line, this serum is specifically designed for face yoga and gives a beautiful glide to help your fingers move easily over your skin.

Find a comfortable place to sit or stand. You might want to have a mirror to hand so that you can see what you’re doing.

Begin by closing your eyes and bringing your hands together in front of your chest in prayer position. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. This simple focus on the breath can do so much to bring you into a state of calm.

When you are ready, open your eyes and begin the massage routine.


Using both your index fingers, gently smooth up from the bridge of your nose, between your eyebrows, and up onto your forehead.

As you do this, continue to take those long, deep breaths through your nose. Focus on relaxing the eyebrows and releasing tension from the muscles.

This is an area where many of us overexpress, especially when we’re stressed or concentrating. This simple massage helps to smooth the area and reduce number 11 lines.

Continue for at least 20 seconds. Feel free to spend longer here if you want – I always encourage you to work very intuitively with all face yoga routines so that you can adapt the techniques to meet your own needs.

Next, form your index finger into a hook. With the knuckle pointing down towards the floor, smooth up between your eyes.

Again, this massage technique works wonderfully to release tension from the eyebrow area. It also helps to boost blood circulation to the skin.

As you continue to massage, adjust the direction of your movement to come diagonally out over your forehead. This helps to target more of the procerus muscle, which is the one that runs up between the eyebrows.

Keep the pressure gentle here. There’s no need to press too hard. Just focus on letting go of tension and relaxing your muscles.


Using both your index fingers, draw an arch shape on your forehead. Start with your fingers in between your eyes and make your first arch just above your eyebrows. Take the next one slightly higher, and the next one right up to the top of your forehead.

Come back down to move above your eyebrows and repeat the sequence of arches several more times, remembering to continue with those deep, calming breaths.

This technique targets the frontalis muscle, which is the large one that covers most of the forehead area. It tends to get quite tight, so this massage helps to release that tension and smooth out any lines.

Next, form your hands into loose fists. Place them together in the centre of your forehead, with your palms facing your face.

Smooth your knuckles out across your forehead until you reach your temples. Lift them off and replace them back in the centre to repeat the movement.

Again, this massage helps to relax the frontalis muscle and prevents lines from forming. It also encourages blood circulation to the forehead area, bringing plenty of fresh oxygen and nutrients to nourish your skin cells.


Bring the index, middle, and ring fingers of both hands onto your forehead, just above your eyebrows.

Gently press your fingers against your skin. Then, move up your forehead and repeat the action, continuing until you reach the top of your forehead.

Return your fingers to just above your eyebrows and repeat this massage sequence a few more times.

Then, use all your fingertips to tap rapidly over the whole forehead area. I love this simple technique, which is so effective for releasing tension from the muscles, waking up the skin, and boosting blood flow.

It feels lovely too.


Using your index and middle fingers on one hand, smooth gently up between your eyebrows. Then, close your eyes and use your thumbs, index, and middle fingers to pinch the inner corners of your eyebrows. 

You don’t want to lift and drag the skin here. Instead, we’re aiming to pinch down into the muscle to release even more tension and relax the upper face further.

Finally, use your hands to smooth out over your forehead, starting in the centre and moving outwards. You can keep your eyes closed while you do this move too, focusing on your breathing.


We’re all done! Hopefully, you now feel calm and relaxed, with much less tension in your forehead and eyebrows.