skincare wellness Oct 17, 2023

It is definitely not a secret that I am as much inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine as I am by yoga and by Western science. And the tool I want to talk to you about in this blog post is one that has a long history of use as part of the ancient Chinese practice of gua sha.

You likely know gua sha as a form of facial or body massage, usually done with a tool made from semi-precious stone, such as jade, clear quartz, or rose quartz.

However, another gua sha tool that is often overlooked is the jade comb. It’s a versatile, multi-use tool that can be used on both your scalp and your body.

Like the facial gua sha tools that you’ve likely seen me demonstrate before, a jade comb is a brilliant tool to boost blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and boost the flow of Qi (otherwise known as lifeforce, or prana). 

I love to use mine on my scalp to keep my hair healthy and shiny. Massaging your scalp with a jade comb also has the added benefit of helping to relax your head and face, releasing tension and leaving your skin glowing.

In this blog post, I want to look more closely at the benefits of using a jade massage comb and then take you through a couple of easy techniques you can use to get started.


One of the main reasons I love to use a jade comb to massage my scalp is that it feels amazing.

Honestly, it is such a soothing sensation – a really lovely form of self-care. You can easily do it on yourself at home, so you don’t need to wait until you can go out and get a professional head massage done. 

The comb itself is a beautiful object, which adds to that feeling that you are treating yourself. I especially love that it is made of jade, which is a great all-round crystal that works for all skin types. It is known for its restorative properties and helps to unblock stagnant energy.

On the topic of stagnant energy, another benefit of jade comb massage is that it stimulates the acupressure points on the scalp, helping to get energy flowing freely through the head and face. In turn, this improves the health of your hair and skin, getting rid of dullness and skin issues.

Along with boosting energy flow, using a jade comb also encourages blood circulation, which means you’ll increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen reaching your hair follicles. This leads to healthier, well-nourished hair.

Of course, this soothing massage helps to relieve tension and tightness in your scalp too. The benefits don’t stop there either – because the skin and muscles of your face are so connected with the rest of your head, you’ll also see the benefits for your skin. 

Finally, using a jade comb can help any products you use on your hair and scalp to absorb properly. Traditionally, people would oil their hair before using a jade comb, but you can also just use it in combination with your usual shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask.


It’s very easy to give yourself a jade comb massage – all you need is the comb itself, which you can purchase from my online shop. I stock the ones from Hayo’u, who are market leaders in gua sha.  I love their tools because they are always such high quality.

You’ll probably want to give your hair a good brush first too, so the comb can move easily across your scalp. You can do these techniques with dry hair or wash it and apply products first if you prefer.

Then you can use a few simple techniques to give yourself a lovely, stress-busting massage. Here are a couple of options to get you started.


Start by bringing your jade comb up to the point where your forehead meets the start of your scalp. Using short, quick brush strokes, work your way back over the curve of your head and down to the back of your skull.

Then, lift off and return to the front to repeat the action. Continue until you have covered your whole scalp, including both sides.

This is such a soothing way to start the massage. It instantly releases tension and tightness – great if you are prone to headaches and stress.

Also, by releasing that tension from the scalp we help to relieve tension in the facial muscles. Everything is connected, after all.

Of course, this massage also gives your hair health a boost by encouraging the flow of blood to the scalp. That blood brings with it the nutrients and oxygen your hair needs to grow well. 


For the next technique, bring your comb to the top of your forehead again and comb back in one long stroke, following the curve of your skull.

When you get to the base of your head, pause there and give the comb a wiggle from side to side. Lift the comb off and repeat the action, varying the angle to cover your whole head.

This again is lovely for helping you to feel calm and energised. It relieves tightness in the base of the skull and the upper neck – both places where many of us are prone to carrying a lot of stress and tension.


If you’d like to see these techniques in action, you can see me demonstrate them over on my YouTube channel. I also have a few other videos showing you how to use a jade comb, such as this one for general tips or this one for reducing stress.

And don’t forget that you can find jade massage combs, as well as other gua sha tools, via my online shop.