lifestyle wellness Oct 05, 2021
How to do visualisation

I feel passionately that we all deserve to live a life of abundance and joy. As we head into autumn, it is a perfect opportunity to set intentions, let go of what we no longer need, and think of what we want to bring into our lives.

The intensity of the past 18 months has given many of us a new perspective on the importance of setting intentions and goals – not just for our careers but also for our families and our personal lives.

Now that restrictions are easing and life is beginning to return to normal, we need to be very intentional about what we want our lives to look like. What self-care techniques have you adopted during the pandemic? What from your life before Covid no longer serves you? We have a chance to use this period of change and transformation to bring us closer to a joyful and purpose-filled life.

In this post, I’m delving deeper into one of the most powerful techniques to manifest the life you really want – visualisation.

I recently welcomed Alexa Fischer as a guest on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast. Alexa is a coach, speaker, author, and teacher who helps people manifest their ideal lives through visualisations and intention-setting. She’s also the founder of Wishbeads, beautiful jewellery that acts as a physical reminder of the life we are working towards.

We talked about the power of visualisation and how to turn our visions into positive action. We also discussed the links between our self-talk and our ability to achieve our goals – something that I often talk about when I teach face yoga techniques.

The full episode is available as a recording. This post will give you some actionable tips for how you can use visualisations yourself to get the life, body, and face you have always wanted.


Whenever Alexa works with clients, she starts by taking them through a guided visualisation to help them imagine their ideal life. 

This is a creative and intuitive approach to goal setting. Visualisations take us out of our logical, thinking brains so that we can uncover our deeply held unconscious desires.

Many of us already have goals around our work, health, or personal lives. But using visualisations helps us to suspend our conscious minds and allow the experience to unfold with curiosity. We might be surprised at what comes up!

When I lead teacher training for new face yoga teachers, they often ask me how they can achieve success in their businesses. I always tell them to use visualisation techniques to discover what this looks like for them

We are all so individual. What is right for one person won’t be right for someone else. By visualising what an ideal day, week, or month looks like for them, my face yoga teachers can map out what they want for their businesses.

Visualisation helps us to see and feel what our ideal lives could be. It is the best way to manifest a joyful, abundant, and purpose-filled life because it gives us a clear vision to work towards.


The visions we uncover during a visualisation exercise need to exist beyond our imaginations if we are going to manifest the lives we really want. 

What these visions provide is a powerful roadmap we can use to set us on the path to our ideal life. By showing us what the destination looks like, visualisation helps us to figure out what actions we need to take to get there.

Alexa encourages people to use physical reminders of their goals and intentions. For example, she had a vision of swimming in the sea in Hawaii, accompanied by a beautiful sea turtle. She realised one of her goals was to lead a retreat in Hawaii. The next day, she set a picture of a sea turtle as her screensaver, so she is reminded of this goal whenever she sits down at the computer.

Writing down your intentions is another way of reminding yourself of what you are working towards. Wishbeads, Alexa’s jewellery brand, include a small brass capsule where you can place a scroll with your intentions written on it. Then, the bracelet or necklace acts as a physical reminder of your goals.

With the regular reminder to keep you focused, you next set an action plan to help you bring your vision into reality. Breaking down the actions you need to take into a series of small, achievable steps will lead you towards your ideal life.

Using this method can help you make changes to your life, both big and small. You can set intentions for your personal life, your career, your health, or your physical appearance and fitness. By having this clear goal in mind, you will find the inspiration you need to make it a reality.

The key is to make your vision so exciting, so desirable, and so juicy that it overcomes any niggling doubts or fears that stand in your way. Approach the process with a sense of openness and curiosity. Remember that sense of childlike wonder and playfulness you felt when you were young – how can your vision for your life help you achieve this feeling again?

I believe life should be joyful. As adults, we often think we must be sensible and serious. But when we look for opportunities to embrace joy and playfulness, it transforms us.


Women especially are often very critical of ourselves. We’ll look in the mirror and concentrate only on the negatives. We speak to ourselves in disparaging ways.

This is an extension of the fear narrative that we often encounter from society. We’re told not to dream too big, in case we fail. But never trying means we can never succeed.

Overcoming those voices of doubt takes practice. When we change how we talk to ourselves, we start to approach issues and barriers with a sense of gentle awareness and curiosity. What are we holding onto unnecessarily? What do we need to release?

This mindset work is a vital part of face yoga. As well as the physical techniques, I always encourage you to use affirmations and positive self-talk. This helps you move through self-acceptance, to self-gratitude, to self-love.

Making space in our busy routines for small, daily acts of self-care is essential. They fill us with a sense of love and satisfaction that we can then bring into the rest of our lives. It is a powerful way to affirm that we are in the driving seat and can make our own choices. 

This focus on self-care and positive self-talk helps us overcome that scarcity mindset and manifest the abundant, joyful life we deserve.

My new book, The Face Yoga Journal, helps you to make self-care a daily reality. Organised into 52 weeks, it is packed with wellness hacks, affirmations, and face yoga techniques to help you manifest your ideal life. There’s also space for you to set your intentions, track your progress, and stay accountable.

The book is available to order via Amazon, as is my first book, Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga.