face yoga facial exercise neck Jun 12, 2024
Two neck exercises for sculpting and toning

One of my favourite things about face yoga is how versatile it is. Have half-an-hour spare for some deep self-care? Great – you can cover your full face, combine facial exercises, massage, acupressure and really feel relaxed and centred.

Or just have a couple of minutes and want to target a specific area? There are a ton of quick and easy techniques you can do that only take a minute at most and don’t require any special equipment or supplies.

This blog post is dedicated to the second scenario – when you are short on time and just need something quick and simple that you can do wherever you are.

These two techniques target the neck area, and they could not be simpler. You don’t need anything except your own hands. But these are also two of my favourite face yoga moves for sculpting and toning the neck area.

If you prefer to watch a video version, I have a short guide to these two exercises on my YouTube channel.

Otherwise, read on to find out why I’m obsessed with these two neck exercises.

Before You Start

There is next to no preparation needed for this super short face yoga routine. If you have some serum available, I do recommend applying a few drops to your neck area just to add to the benefits for your skin.

But you can also do these exercises without any serum or other supplies. As a result, they are great moves to do whenever you have a spare moment – perhaps in front of your favourite Netflix show, in the shower, or while waiting to pick up the kids.

I always like to take a few deep breaths in and out through my nose before doing face yoga – it helps me feel calm and grounded. Again, you can skip this step if you wish.

1. Giraffe

This is one of my favourite techniques to lift the neck. It is also a lovely one for getting energy moving through your throat chakra – which is ideal if you have been noticing signs of blockages here, such as difficulty speaking your authentic truth, or physical signs like a sore throat or stiff neck.

To do it, place your fingertips on your collarbone. Gently tilt your head back until you are looking up at the ceiling.

Quick note for anyone who has had past neck injuries or is experiencing neck stiffness – be really gentle with tilting your head back and don’t feel like you need to go the full way back if that doesn’t feel right for you. Always work to your own level with face yoga.

Stick out your bottom lip (now you see why this exercise is called the giraffe). Hold this position for around 30 seconds and then release back down.

If you have time, you could repeat this a second time.

You should feel this engaging the muscle at the front of the neck. Done regularly, this technique helps to lift and tone this muscle, smoothing and tautening the attached skin at the same time.

2. Tapping

My other go-to quick face yoga technique for the neck area is also super simple – but fantastic for waking up the skin, encouraging blood circulation, and stimulating the flow of energy through your throat chakra.

Tilt your head back again – no need to go all the way this time, you just need to be able to access the full front neck area with your fingers.

Using both hands, rapidly tap over the skin, moving your fingers around to cover the whole area.

Continue for 30 seconds to a minute and then release your hands back down.


That’s it – two quick and easy face yoga techniques to lift and tone the neck. These moves are so simple and take very little time, so hopefully you’ll find time to incorporate them into your daily routine even when life gets hectic.

I share plenty of other short, simple face yoga routines on my YouTube channel. Or, if you need some structure to help you make face yoga a daily practice, check out my courses – I have everything from 3-minute classes to full face yoga workshops available on demand.