wellness Oct 01, 2021
Jade comb for hair and mind

Have you ever tried a jade massage comb? They’ve become one of my favourite tools to make my hair healthy and shiny and to reduce headaches and tension in the head and face.

These beautiful jade combs are my favourite because their shape is just perfect for a head massage. They go deep enough to feel the massage, but they’re not too harsh or intense. It’s definitely something different from your regular plastic comb.

Fancy giving it a try? It’s very simple.


  1. Before you start, brush your hair with a regular brush to detangle it. The massage is meant to be very gentle, but we don’t want to pull on small tangles accidentally while massaging the head. You don’t need to wash your hair first. Just make sure it’s freshly brushed and detangled.
  2. To reap all the amazing benefits of a jade comb massage, be mindful of your posture. Sit upright. Notice if you’re holding any tension in your shoulders or your face. Breath in slowly, and on the exhale, release that tension.
  3. Now that you’re ready for the massage, bring your comb to the front of the hairline. Start with little strokes toward the back of your head, working in small areas. Don’t forget to breathe slowly and deeply.

The scalp has several acupressure points. With these small, gentle motions, you stimulate all the acupressure points in your scalp, reducing stress and headaches. It’ll feel so good and relaxing.

4. Now you’ll want to take your hair up and start massaging from the nape of your neck, moving upward. Keep the motions short and gentle.

5. Finally, stroke all the way down from the front of the hairline to the back, breathing deeply.

If your hair is curly, it might not be as easy to run the comb through the hair in one motion. In that case, work in slow, quick motions, and avoid pulling the hair. You’ll get the same wonderful benefits from this jade comb massage.

Do this at least once a day for 10 minutes. Right away, you’ll feel more relaxed, energized, and focused. Over time, you’ll start seeing your hair getting stronger and shinier.

And there you have it! As you can see, these jade comb hair massages are very simple to do, and you’ll feel amazing afterwards. But why do they feel so good, and work so well to restore your hair and your general wellbeing?


Did you know that Traditional Chinese medicine has been using “combing exercises” for thousands of years to improve hair health and general well-being?

That’s right. Through traditional medical massages and movements, these combing exercises restored circulation to the scalp and helped with relaxation.

Why? Well, that’s because the scalp is a sensitive area of the body with connection to the neck, face and brain. It’s packed with acupressure points. When stimulated, these points help balance your body meridians or the channels that transport the life energy throughout your body.

Massaging can help unblock these meridians, restoring energy flow.

If you’re prone to headaches or brain fog, or if you’re feeling stressed out, I recommend doing this every day. It won’t just feel amazing. It’ll give you a few minutes to relax and do something lovely for yourself.


But why a jade comb? Could you use any other comb?

Sure, but jade has special healing properties that are going to make your massage even more beneficial.

Let’s start with its colour. The beautiful green shade of jade is associated with the tranquillity and strength of nature, helping you find calm in difficult situations.

While the colour tells you a lot about the properties of this stone, its composition plays a huge part in its healing properties. Jade is a gentle stone that encourages you to raise your vibrations, preparing you for all the blessings coming your way.

So, combining the soothing benefits of the comb massage with the properties of jade makes perfect sense. There’s no better way to bring about health, healing, calm and strength to your life. You can purchase this beautiful comb here