business tips May 15, 2023
make more money in your business with soulful aligned loving energy

A few weeks ago, I ran a free workshop for a wonderful group of wellness-loving businesswomen that was all about ways to make money with soulful, aligned, loving energy. 

The recording of that workshop is now available on my YouTube channel, but I wanted to pull out some of the most important points and share them here on the blog too.

Before we get stuck into the four tips, I want to tell you a little bit about the inspiration for sharing these ideas right now. 

As you’ll know if you’ve followed me for a while, I am someone who is strongly guided by my intuition. So, when that inner voice speaks, I make it a priority to listen.

And that’s what happened with the four tips I’m going to run through in this post. I was lying in bed one night, getting ready to fall asleep, when I had what I call a ‘download’. It’s a feeling that comes in through my head and all the way down into my heart centre – a really strong message that I know I need to listen to.

This time, the message I experienced was “Danielle, every sale you make in your business should have soulful, aligned, loving energy.”


When I thought about this message, I realised that Soulful, Aligned, Loving Energy spells “sale”. And I knew I needed to share this with all of you because so many of us in the wellness sector have this reticence around selling and promoting our offerings. I want to show how we can overcome those limiting beliefs to build a business that serves others AND brings us the freedom and financial abundance we want.

So, if you get nothing else from this blog post, I at least want to leave you with the knowledge that making sales doesn’t have to feel icky, gross or manipulative. We can promote what we do with soulful, aligned, loving energy instead to find success and allow our soulmate clients to find us.

With that in mind, let’s move onto how to do this in reality. As we go through this post, I’m going to set you some exercises to do, so make sure you have a way to make notes – a pen and paper, your computer, the notes app on your phone – whatever works for you.


When you live your soul purpose through your business, everything you do feels abundant and purposeful. You make a real difference to people’s lives, and it is easy to find clients and make money because everything feels imbued with purpose and connection.

Living your soul purpose creates a real mindset shift around money and sales. You realise that we are all part of the same collective consciousness. It is no longer about you as an individual trying to make a living but about playing your part to support other humans who are all experiencing this timeline alongside you.

You also start to overcome the scarcity thinking many of us have been conditioned into. There is enough money, there is enough work, there is enough joy, enough health, enough love to go around. We can put aside limiting beliefs, stop seeing money as numbers on a bank statement, and start to embrace money instead as a gateway to freedom and abundance.

I truly believe that we are all born knowing our purpose. But through our upbringing and our conditioning and the pressures of society we get pulled away from living that purpose. 

So, one of the exercises I do as part of my Be Your Own Brand course, which is the flagship business coaching course in my Soul Purpose Business Bundle, is to help people get really clear on what their soul purpose is.

Another area we look at in the Soul Purpose Business Bundle is finding your soulmate clients. This is a mistake I made when I first started out – I thought what I did needed to be for everyone. But when we realise that we can’t be everything to everybody, we can focus on instead on our soulmate clients – those people who get what we’re doing and really want what we’re offering.

When we concentrate on reaching those people, it becomes easy to make sales and market our offerings. We don’t need to convince them or resort to manipulative sales tactics. We just need to put ourselves out there in the right way so that our soulmate clients can find us.

So, for our first exercise, I want you to take a few minutes to write down who your soulmate client is. Think of a specific person – who are they? What are they interested in? What do they need? How can you help them?

Just jot down a few ideas for now. We go through this exercise in more detail in the Soul Purpose Business Course Bundle but this should help you get some initial thoughts down on paper.

Then, write down what next step you need to take to let those soulmate clients know what you offer. It might be to create a social media post. It might be to write an email newsletter. It might be to offer a new workshop. 

Whatever that next step is, commit to doing it this week.


So, we’ve looked at the importance of living your soul purpose. Next, I want to talk about how we can make sure that everything we’re doing in our businesses feels aligned and true to that soul purpose.

When we aren’t expressing our values through our businesses, we don’t find the success we’re looking for. Everything feels like hard work. We say yes to opportunities that don’t reflect what we really want from our businesses. And we don’t get the abundance, joy, and wellness that we deserve.

So, whatever you do in your business – whether it is something as simple as making a social media post or as big as deciding on what your next offering is going to be – check in with your intuition. Ask yourself, does this feel truly aligned for me?

Usually, the answer will come to you in the first couple of seconds. That’s your intuition speaking, and it is important to take note because when we think about things for too long, we often get caught up in our thinking brains instead.

An exercise I like to use for this is the Yummy or Yucky technique.

To do this, you need to really step into your body. Then, whatever the decision you need to make is, ask yourself, does this feel yummy or yucky?

Even if there are some nerves or worries there, things that are for you should still feel yummy – exciting, expansive, light, fresh, and joyful. 

On the other hand, if something feels heavy, dark, draining, constricting, fearful – these are the yucky feelings and that means it isn’t for you, even if you think it is something you should be doing.

As a starting point, I want you to have a think now and write down one thing in your business that you need to say no to.

Then, write down one thing you need to say yes to.

Finally, write down one next step in your business that feels really aligned for you right now.


We talked under Soulful about connecting with your soulmate clients, which obviously comes from a place of love. However, with this point I’m speaking to the love we have for ourselves.

Frankly, when our self-love and our self-worth is low, we find it really difficult to make money. We simply don’t believe that we deserve it. So, we undercharge, we sell ourselves short, or we don’t market our businesses at all.

As soon as we start to increase our self-love and believe that we are worthy of earning money, we start to see a shift. It might not be instantaneous, but it does happen quickly.

We work a lot on this as part of the Soul Purpose Business Course Bundle because I find many of the people who work in wellness, especially women, carry a lot of limiting beliefs around making money. We might believe that we can’t be empathetic, spiritual women and make decent money at the same time. This can really hold us back from finding the success we deserve.

When we have that love and belief in ourselves, we also find it easier to approach our businesses from a place of love. For everything we do, we know we are coming with love and alignment. We step away from the old, contrived sales techniques and become magnets for our soulmate clients because they can see the genuineness and love in our energy, and they want to share it.

So, use your notebook or computer or whatever you are using and take a few moments to brainstorm what you love talking about – what lights you up?

Then, write down how you can share this in a social media post. Even if you aren’t on social media yet, it is a good exercise to try because it will help you think about how you can share what you love with others.

Next, write down how it would feel if your next sale was made with more love.

Write down one way you can bring more love into your business.

Then, write what you no longer love in your business – what no longer lights you up?


Onto the last tip for this post and this one is all about how we view money. So, when we think about it, we can see that money isn’t real, it is just a tool created by us humans as a way of facilitating an energy exchange.

What happens is that you provide some kind of service and then you are paid for the value you add. Note that I don’t say that you are paid for your time – that’s not the same thing, but it is a trap many of us fall into.

This isn’t about setting an hourly rate. You could do just one hour’s work but be paid a thousand pounds for it because of the value you’ve brought someone.

It’s important to see the difference here because we often think that the more hours we work, the more money we make. But when we see money as an exchange for value instead of time, we realise this isn’t the case.


In an energy exchange, it is vital that what we give is the same as what we receive. It’s an equal process.

Sometimes we feel grateful that someone is paying us, but this isn’t right. It is an equal exchange, they received and gave, and so did we. Giving and receiving should always be equal so that we remain in balance.

The more value you offer, the more significant the energy exchange. I earn more now than I did earlier in my career, and it isn’t because I work more hours. It is because I’m so deeply aligned with my soul purpose and the value I’m giving to people is so significant that the money I earn is equal to that.

Again, this is an idea we explore more in the Soul Purpose Business Course Bundle.

Another thing I want you to remember is that sales is service. Many of us feel awkward about selling, but it is a disservice to those soulmate clients if we don’t offer them what we have available to help them.

Now, I want you to write down one thing that you have to offer your soulmate client.

Then, write down the answer to this question – just yes or no. Are you open to a fair and equal energy exchange? So, are you open to people paying the true value of what you have to offer them?

Next, write an example of any time in your life you enjoyed a fair energy exchange. It doesn’t have to be in your business – for example, I paid someone to clean my car the other week and that brought me great value because I got the time it would have taken me to do it myself back.


Hopefully, these exercises have helped to give you some concrete next steps you can take in your business to make money with soulful, aligned, loving energy.

I also hope that I’ve given you some useful food for thought by discussing these four areas and that it might inspire you to look differently at how you approach your business and making sales.

I’ve mentioned the Soul Purpose Business Course Bundle a few times throughout this post – this is a bundle of pre-recorded business coaching courses that gives you access to everything I’ve learnt in over 18 years of growing a successful wellness business.

It may have taken me 18 years to learn all of this but I don’t want it to take as long for you, so check out the Bundle here to see if it feels aligned for you.

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