lifestyle Jul 09, 2024
My favourite outfits from June
Fashion and wellness are deeply connected for me. Yes it’s a 'feel good, look good' kind of vibe but there's definitely more to it than that for me.
When I get dressed in the morning, I ask myself 3 questions:
1. What's the weather like today?
2. What am I going to be doing today?
3. How do I want to feel today?
These 3 questions are a combination of practicality (the weather, where I am going, who I am seeing) and the intention I want to set for that day. Asking myself, 'how do I want to feel today?' is like a mini manifestation. I am manifesting how I want to feel in my body, in my aura and in my energy on that day. 
Despite this process sounding rather time consuming,  I don't actually spend that long planning out my clothes. Firstly because I am a busy Mother and Business owner who doesn't have the time to do that and secondly, because there's more to life than thinking about clothes! But I do use my intuition. I am drawn to certain colours, fabrics and vibes each day and I use my gut instinct to guide really quickly what I want to wear that day. I also use selecting my clothes like a meditation where I am focusing on my self care for a few minutes and really showing myself some love.
So, while I am certainly no fashion expert, I do love clothes and style as I believe they have the ability to help us feel great. When we feel great, we look great and vice versa. 
Here are some of my favourite outfits from last month and why I chose them.

The Gold Two Piece

I fell in love with these shorts in the sale at Mint Velvet last Summer, I particularly liked the rope tie. My friend had the matching top and never wore it so kindly gave it to me! I love the set together and it's a great way to wear a sequin in the warmer weather. I wore this on a hot evening to a parent's event at my youngest daughter's school. I definitely wanted to inhibit the vibe of celebrating the start of Summer.

The Yellow Dress

I have had this dress for many years now and it's from Paper London. It's a really unusual style and fabric (it has a long sleeved with a slightly puffy shoulder). I wore this to a school sports day. I had slept really badly the night before and wanted to feel uplifted that day.

The Gold Trousers

I am slightly obsessed with these trousers! They are from Zara (as is the crop top and blazer) and I wore them in London for dinner at The Shard. I wanted to feel sexy and stylish and capture the essence of the magic and sparkle of the lights of London that are so beautiful seen from the top of London's tallest building.

The Pink Mini Dress

This Zara dress is so cute (and is so short that I need to wear shorts under it!). I love it with these white sunglasses from Portman boutique in Bath as it gives it a really Summery feel. I wore this for my friend's Hen party (she is getting married in a few weeks) and I wanted to feel cute, feminine and playful.

The Pale Pink Blazer

This is the Zara dress from before, styled up with a Zara blazer, a gold bag and heels. This was a big night for me as it was the first time I had worn heels in 2 years with my foot injury. I only managed to wear that whilst sat down for dinner in London (and my foot felt sore afterwards!) but I love wearing them to feel glamorous and uplifted.

The Jumpsuit

I adore a jumpsuit. As I am just an inch shy of 6 feet tall, I always need to go for brands which do a 'tall' range so that they are long enough in the body for me. I have had this jumpsuit for about 3 years as I bought it to wear on a Channel 4 TV show I appeared on sharing Face Yoga. I wear this jumpsuit lots in the Summer as it looks well thought out and stylish yet takes just seconds to put on and requires very little styling.

The Flowery Dress

This dress was an impulse purchase in the sale at New Look last Summer and was about £10. I first wore it to watch the 'Barbie' movie as I wanted to channel Barbie vibes but not over do it! I love styling it in different ways and this was for a family walk in the park so I threw on a leather look jacket from River Island and some Skechers sandals.

The Pink Suit

Despite looking more red in this picture, this suit is actually a lovely dark pink. I have had this Zara suit for about 4 years now and style it in so many ways. This was for lunch with friends where I wanted to feel stylish yet relaxed. I love how the black and white top compliments the black YSL bag and although you can't see I have white Birkenstocks on with it too.

The White Look

This sleeveless white blazer from Zara was a purchase from a couple of months ago for a skincare event I was presenting at. It actually comes with a waist tie and I wore it originally with a wide white trouser. Here, for a lunch date with my husband I wore it open without the belt, with white shorts and tank top. I added in a blue sleeveless shirt to break up the all white look. I wanted to feel comfortable with a slightly nautical vibe.

The Navy Stripe Dress

I wore this Paper Dolls dress (this brand is not currently available in the UK and Europe any longer) with a Zara blazer for dinner with friends. It was outside Homewood Hotel and my friend grabbed an umbrella and said 'put that in the photo'!. I first bought this dress 8 years ago for my niece's christening and haven't worn it for about 2 years. It is super cute and has both a formal and casual feel but it is has always been tight on me. When I sat in my car to drive home, it spilt all up the back seam! Luckily it was at the end of the night not the beginning!!
I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my June fashion choices. Remember you should only dress to feel good. Never worry about trends, other people's opinions or what you think is appropriate for your age/shape. Dress to love yourself and to enjoy life.