face yoga mouth May 21, 2021
Naturally plump lips

Today I am sharing with you some of my favourite moves for naturally plumping and firming the lip area. You can follow along with these moves using my YouTube video 


Prepare by ensuring you have clean hands. Use a mild soap and wash for at least 20 seconds. Dry your hands completely before beginning your practice. Since you will be touching your face, cleansing your hands is essential to combat the spread of germs to your mouth and breakouts around the area.

You can also apply a little lip balm beforehand or a moisturising serum like Fusion by Danielle Collins to help your fingers glide more easily over the area. You’re going to be exercising your face and stimulating the muscles externally using your hands and fingers. These range from gentle massage to light stretching. 


Take your pointer finger and gently tap in an upward flicking motion against your bottom lip. Start to tap from the left side to the right side and work your way to the top lip from right to left. You should be tapping all the way around your lips in a full circle. 

Focus on your breathing as you gently flick upwards around your top and bottom lip. In through the nose and out through the nose. Spend some time visualizing the health of your lips as you practice this move and expressing internal gratitude for everything your lips help you do. From eating to talking, lips provide essential functions we can be grateful for. 


While still remaining mindful of your breath, switch from the tapping motion to using your index finger to draw small circles along your lip line. Think of it as a miniature massage as you work your way around the lips using the tiny circular motion. 

Reverse your flow as many times as you like. You might experience a little tingling sensation, which is an indication that your practice is working. Increasing the blood flow to your lips will result in a natural plumping effect.


Remove your index finger and wrap your lips around your teeth slightly making an “O” shape. Take both index fingers and work from the bow of your lips all the way around. Use a dragging motion with both fingers around each side of your lips tracing the edges. 

Remember to keep breathing deeply as you massage the outer edges of your lips. By doing this we strengthen the muscles and increase collagen production. This aids in the youthful glow of the skin and increases lip volume.  


Next, take the finger and thumb of both hands and pinch both sides of your lips. Remember to do so gently and remain focused on your breath. Keep slight but firm pressure on the lips and hold for 2 breath cycles then release. 

Repeat the move 3 times with 2 breath cycles each.


For our last move take your index finger and your middle finger on both hands and gently massage the area around your lips. Move from the middle of your chin all the way around to either side of your nostrils. 

Make the mouth into an “O” shape and continue this move for 3 more breath cycles. 

Practicing these 5 face yoga moves daily will increase the health of your face and lips. For healthier happier lips continue this face yoga sequence and enjoy plumper lips, naturally. 

You can learn how to teach these wonderful moves by becoming a certified and accredited Face Yoga teacher