business tips Jul 18, 2023
the one thing every wellness business needs

When I look at my journey over the past eighteen years and think about what has really made the difference for me in terms of building my Face Yoga Expert brand into a thriving and successful wellness business, there’s one thing that really stands out.

It isn’t something that is typically discussed in business, but it has played a vital role in my success. And because it isn’t a piece of advice that gets given enough attention, I’m passionate about sharing this whenever I can.

The one thing that I believe everyone who runs a wellness business needs is the ability to listen to those magic little nuggets of advice that you get from your intuition.

Now, I’m well aware that this is the opposite of what you’ll hear from a lot of people. The typical message we hear in business is that we need to be hardheaded, logical, and objective. We should base all our decisions on research and facts and statistics.

Honestly, for a long time I believed this too. I thought there was a “right” way to do business and that I needed to force myself into that mode of working if I wanted to find success.

It wasn’t until I let go of those limiting ideas that I really began to thrive in my business. I had found some success, but it felt like a struggle – it wasn’t something that flowed with ease. 

But when I started to allow my intuition to guide me, everything changed. I began to feel a greater sense of ease, freedom, and abundance within my business. And I also found financial success flowed to me easily and in a way that felt very aligned with my soul purpose.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you never do any research or never look at data from your social media channels or your sales. I’m just saying that when you feel that inner knowing, you should pay attention to it and allow it to guide your business journey.


You might be reading this and thinking, “OK, that’s all well and good Danielle, but I don’t feel connected to my intuition, so how can I let it guide me?”

Firstly, this is completely normal – I’ve definitely had times in my life and in my business where I have felt less connected with my intuition. Those tend to be the times when I’ve been very busy and very stressed – the times when I’m living too much in my head and not getting enough into my body.

But what you’ll often find is that those little thoughts and nudges from your intuition are still there, it is just that you aren’t able to hear them and recognise them for what they are. 

So, my main bit of advice for anyone who is struggling to connect to their intuition is to make some time where you can slow down and let those thoughts and ideas surface without getting lost in all the busyness.

I know, when you are feeling rushed and stressed, slowing down seems impossible. We can get very attached to the idea of being busy and start to feel like everything will collapse if we take just a few moments for ourselves.

However, no one can work or live at that kind of pace forever. And finding those moments of quiet and calm is necessary to make your business a success in the long term.

Plus, we need to find time for self-care in our lives for our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health too.

The key to connecting with your intuition is not to try to go looking for it. You want to be receptive, but not to go hunting for those flashes of inspiration. They can’t be forced. You need to create space for them to arrive instead.

I find those little messages from my intuition arrive at completely random times. I might be going for a walk or listening to a podcast or even teaching a face yoga class or doing some business coaching. I sometimes find that I’ll be teaching a workshop and I’ll have a really structured plan, but then this little magic nugget just arrives in my head or in my body and let’s me know, “Danielle, this is what you need to share with people.”

Another time that I often receive these downloads from my intuition is just before I go to sleep. It feels like information just arrives in my brain, telling me the right direction to take next or a message I need to share.

Something I want to make clear is that these little magic jewels from your intuition may not always arrive clearly as words in your head. Sometimes it is a feeling, or an image, or a sensation in your body – just something that you feel nudging you in a certain direction.


When you start to pay attention and notice those magic nuggets appearing in your mind or in your body, the vital thing is not to ignore them.

It is so easy for our rational, thinking brains to get in the way and make us question our inner knowing. But when you need to make a decision in your business, or you’re thinking about a new project or how to market yourself, you’ll often find that you intuitively know what the right path is for you.

Another tip I find useful is to always note down those little nuggets of intuition when they arrive. If I don’t have a notebook to hand, I’ll just write it down in the notes app on my phone instead. 

These thoughts and sensations can often be fleeting, so writing them down means I’ll remember them. I don’t always take action on them straight away – sometimes it isn’t the right moment, and it won’t be time to take action for months or even years.

The important thing is that you give yourself space to listen to that intuition, which is your deep truth, coming from your soul. Using that deep truth as a guide means you’ll always make the best decisions for your life and for your business.

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