eyes face yoga facial massage Aug 17, 2021
Face yoga massages to reduce puffiness under your eyes


Let’s start with a few general Face Yoga tips today before we delve in to the eye area. You should always do Face Yoga at your own pace. Your practice is not going to be exactly like someone else’s practice. Beginners should start slowly and choose the massages and exercises that work best for them. 

When using your fingers to massage or exercise your face, it’s important to have clean hands. Also remember to have clean skin and apply a serum before you begin.

If you have a serious health or skin issue, please check with your doctor before beginning Face Yoga. 


For this first massage, simply place three fingers on each of your cheeks and gently pulse.

Use the index, middle, and ring fingers of each hand, slightly separated. Place your fingers high on your cheeks, under your eyes. Pulse all fingers up and down at the same time, applying gentle pressure.

This is a small movement, done at a moderate pace of about two pulses per second. Your ring finger sits close to your nose with approximately one finger’s width of open space between each finger. 

This small, gentle massage aids lymphatic drainage around the eye area to help reduce puffiness. The rhythmic movement is also soothing.


This massage technique uses only your index fingers. In one fluid motion, smooth your fingers under your eyes, across your cheeks, behind your ears, and down the sides of your neck.

Do both sides of your face at the same time, using a light stroke that doesn’t pull the delicate skin around your eyes. Start on the bridge of your nose right by the inner corner of your eyes and end right above your collarbone.

The entire movement, from beginning to end, takes about five seconds. Repeat as many times as you like. Do not use too much pressure—the technique should not pull your skin. Keep your fingers in contact with your skin throughout the movement.

This smoothing, swooping technique helps eliminate toxins under your eyes that can cause puffiness and dark circles. The light touch feels soothing and calming.


You can use your ring finger for this one. Using your ring fingers helps moderate the pressure you apply. They aren’t as strong or agile as your index or middle fingers.

For this technique, smooth your fingers all around your eyes with a gentle, flowing, continuous movement. Start at the inner corner of your eye and move clockwise up and out toward the corner of your eyes. As you move up and out, stay beneath your eyebrows. Extend the motion past the outer corners of your eyes and down onto your cheeks before returning to your original position.

This is a continuous movement, with each rotation taking three to four seconds. Be careful not to pull the skin and keep your touch light. This Face Yoga massage technique helps drain the fluid from around your eyes.


For this next technique,we are using acupressure to produce calm and reduce stress. 

Using your ring fingers, stop the circling motion from the previous exercise and let your fingers come to rest on the upper, inner nose bridge. Press gently on each side simultaneously and hold the position.

This is a calming acupressure point, helping you naturally reduce stress. Reducing stress and tension in your facial muscles can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can use this technique easily and discretely in nearly any environment that leads to facial tension.  


The next massage technique is the most active of the series. Using your index fingers, gently tap all around your eyes. This time the motion should move clockwise from the inner nose bridge and go above your eyebrows. Continue tapping approximately two finger widths away from the outer corner of your eye and down onto your cheeks to create a full circle.

Your index fingers are stronger than the ring fingers used in the previous exercises, so make sure your tapping remains gentle. It looks like a vigorous motion, but the contact is light. A full circle takes between two and three seconds.

This movement helps improve the circulation in the skin around your eyes and the rest of your face. Improved circulation makes your skin glow.


This technique incorporates exercise. Exercising your facial muscles helps improve tone and can help reduce some signs of aging. This particular exercise helps tone the muscles under your eyes, under your eyebrows, and around your mouth.

First place your index fingers under your eyes. Next, make an “O” shape with your mouth and flutter your eyelids. The flutter is rapid, approximately three flutters per second.

Maintain this position and movement for several seconds at a time to tone muscles.

Hopefully these tips will go a long way in helping you to reduce puffiness around the eyes, as they have for me. Taking good care of your skin health is a holistic process, so be sure to read the other articles in my blog for similar tips for other problematic skin areas. Also, check out my new book The Face Yoga Journal, which is available for preorder now.

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