face yoga facial massage skincare Nov 17, 2022
reduce chest and neck wrinkles

I’m focusing on the neck and chest in this post with my two top tips for reducing chest and neck wrinkles naturally. 

For my first tip, I’m going to show you some massage techniques that target these areas and help to soften lines, boost blood circulation, and open the chest. 

The whole massage routine only takes a few minutes, so it should be easy to slot it into your day, even when you’re busy. The best time to do it is when you apply your skincare in the morning or evening – and attaching this new habit to your existing routine will make it easier to remember to do it too. 

The techniques are so simple and easy to do but they make a real difference to the skin on your chest and neck areas. Plus, this massage is a lovely, relaxing way to start or finish your day. One of the greatest benefits of face yoga is that it encourages you to take that time for yourself and give yourself the gift of your loving, self-affirming touch. It reminds us that we are worthy of love, care, and attention and can be such a beautiful way to bring some self-care into your day. 

This really is the whole underlying principle of my face yoga method. It’s a practice that nourishes your mind and soul as much as your skin. 

So, my first tip for reducing chest and neck wrinkles is massage and I’ll give you some techniques to use in just a moment. 

Alongside daily massage, my second tip for tackling lines on the chest and neck is to stop them from forming in the first place. To help you do that, I’m also going to recommend a product that I use while I sleep. Since our sleeping position can be a major cause of lines on the chest especially, this product is amazing for preventing them. 


My first tip for reducing chest and neck wrinkles is, of course, massage. There are some lovely techniques you can use to target these areas, increase blood circulation and collagen production, and smooth the skin. 

Before you start, make sure you have clean hands. Apply a few drops of serum to your neck and chest – I use my Fusion by Danielle Collins ProLift Moisturising Serum, which is packed full of botanical seed oils to nourish your skin. 

Make sure you can easily access the skin of your chest and neck – if you’re wearing a jumper or a higher-necked top, you might need to take these off so you can place your hands on your skin. 

I recommend doing this massage routine daily. It’s an ideal one to do when you apply your skincare in the mornings or evenings (or both!). 

Not only will the massage help to soften and prevent lines and wrinkles on your chest and neck, but it also helps your skincare products to absorb more deeply into your skin, so you really get the benefits. 


Bring your hands onto your chest, palms down and fingers facing in towards the centre line. 

Smooth outwards across your chest, lifting your hands off and replacing them in the centre to repeat the action. 

Continue for around a minute. 

We’re encouraging blood circulation here, as well as helping the serum sink deeper into the skin. 


Form your hands into fists. One after the other, smooth them up the centre line of your chest, coming up from your cleavage to the base of your neck. 

This is a great massage for targeting and softening those lines that can appear around the cleavage area when you sleep (and see tip 2 for more advice on how to prevent those lines from forming in the first place). 

It also helps to relax and open out the chest, releasing tension from the muscles of your chest and shoulders. 

You might start to see some redness appearing as you continue to do this massage technique. This is a really good sign that we’re bringing plenty of fresh blood to this area. That increased circulation brings with it the nutrients and oxygen your skin needs to stay healthy and also boosts collagen and elastin production. 

Again, aim for around a minute here. 


Using both hands, tap your fingertips rapidly all over the chest area. 

This is such a simple technique but is so good for smoothing lines and wrinkles, increasing blood circulation, and releasing tension. 


Next, let’s come up to the neck area to give the skin here a little bit of attention too. 

Tilt your head back gently. Using one hand after the other, smooth up over the skin at the front of your neck. Start from the base of your neck and come right up under the chin so that you cover the whole of the front of your neck. 

When you reach your chin, replace your hand at the base of your throat and repeat the action, continuing for about a minute. 

You can extend this massage onto the sides of your neck too, gently turning your head slightly from side to side to help you access the skin more easily. 


That’s it. Bring your hands down and you are done. 

It’s such a simple massage routine, just four different moves, and it should take less than five minutes to do. Like any of my face yoga techniques, you’ll get the most from this massage if you make it a daily habit – just take an extra few minutes at the end of your existing skincare routine to run through the massage sequence. 

You’ll soon get used to the moves and then it becomes almost automatic to do them after you apply your serum. 

If you prefer to follow along with a video to see these massage techniques in action, you can find this sequence over on my YouTube channel too. 


The time when we are most prone to developing lines and wrinkles on the chest area is when we sleep. It’s particularly common to see them appearing around your cleavage. 

This is because we squeeze the chest area together when we sleep, bunching up the skin and creating lines. After eight hours a night in this position, those lines can start to etch into our skin, especially as we get older and naturally start to produce less collagen and elastin. 

Side-sleepers will be particularly prone to this issue, as our sleeping position inevitably squeezes the skin of our chests during the night. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening and all it takes is a clever product that keeps your chest from getting squished while you sleep. 

The product I mean is a sleep bra made by Sleep and Glow. It’s called the Pillow Bra and it is particularly good for side-sleepers. 

Unlike a normal bra, this one doesn’t cover your breasts or provide support from underneath. Instead, you slip the straps over your shoulders, and it has a little pillow that sits between your breasts. Then, when you sleep, the bra just gently holds your chest in place, so you don’t get those lines appearing from the skin compressing together overnight. 

I love this product – I’ve been using it for about four years now. Occasionally, I forget to take it with me when I go on holiday and then I really notice the lines that appear in the centre of my chest when I wake up in the morning. But the rest of the time, when I use this bra, I don’t get any of those lines. 

You can find it on the Sleep and Glow website, and I have a discount code for you too – use Faceyoga10% at checkout to get 10% off. 

While you are exploring the Sleep and Glow website, it is also worth checking out their Omnia pillow, which is another product I love and use every night. Again, it is especially good for side-sleepers because it gently cradles your face, preventing the lines that can form from having your skin wrinkled up against your pillow all night. Use code faceyoga10 for the pillow for $10 off 


I hope you find these two tips useful for reducing chest and neck wrinkles naturally. Daily massage and using a pillow bra are simple changes to make to your routine and can make a huge difference to the skin of your chest area especially. 

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