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Reduce puffy eyes with a teaspoon

We’ve all looked in the mirror and noticed a bit of puffiness under our eyes from time to time. Stress, lack of sleep and our diet cause bloating under the eye area, which makes us look and feel fatigued and under the weather. Luckily, there are a few quick things you can do to help reduce that inflammation and feel amazing in the process. All you need is a spoon! Let’s get started.

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  1. If you have time, pop your teaspoon in the fridge for a few hours before you start. But if you’re in a bit of a hurry, just get one from your cutlery drawer. Even if it’s at room temperature, it’ll still feel cool on the delicate skin of your eye area.
  1. Prep your skin. First, make sure your skin is clean, and then gently dab a small amount of serum to give the skin some glide. The Fusion by Danielle Collins serum is perfect to prep for a quick Eye Yoga session!
  1. Relax! Your posture is important to get all the calming benefits of these exercises. Sit with your back straight, keeping the spine nice and long. Loosen up your shoulders and release any tension on your face and neck.
    Ready? Here are four quick, easy and effective techniques to reduce puffy eyes with a spoon.


Start by closing your eyes and gently placing the teaspoon underneath your eye area.
Relax. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale through the nose. Feel the cool, smooth surface of the spoon slowly taking down the puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles caused by stagnant energy or poor circulation.

Face Yoga helps you return to your breathing. A steady, mindful breath has so many physical and mental benefits. It releases stress and tension, improves circulation and boosts your lymphatic system, which works with your natural immunity and carries nutrients all over your body.

Keep pressing lightly and let the teaspoon cool the skin under your eyes. Leave the spoon on the area for a couple of minutes on each eye.


Now that you’ve worked on your under eye area for a bit, take your teaspoon and use it to massage the area around your eyes — from the corner of your eyes and moving gently over your brow, and then slowly go around the other side.

Breath and relax the rest of your face. Release any tension off your shoulders and neck, too. Lengthen your spine and keep back in a neutral position.

You can do this massage with two spoons on each part of the face, but I like to concentrate on one side at a time. This way, it’s easier to go slowly and gently, massaging the area around the eye with intention, and making sure I’m not dragging the skin. The area around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, so we don’t want to be too harsh on it.

Also, using one spoon at a time helps you concentrate on the calm, cooling sensation.


Now, hold the teaspoon in front of you at full arms’ length. Make a big number 8 with the spoon and allow your eyes to follow it.

You can make the shape as big or small as you want.

Make sure to keep the head still — only follow the spoon with your eyes.

Do this for a couple of minutes, and then change direction.

After you’re done, give your arms a little shake before moving on to the next exercise.


Place the teaspoon on your temple, applying gentle pressure. Breathe deeply and enjoy the calming feeling of the cool spoon on your skin. Relax your face, and pay attention to your breathing.

Stay there for a long, full breath, and gently release when you’re ready. This exercise is perfect for improving the circulation in the area, relieving headaches, and reducing stress.

The best thing about these simple eye yoga exercises is how quick and easy they are. In only a few minutes, you’ll notice some positive changes. For example, you’ll feel more relaxed, focused and energised, and you’ll reduce a lot of the puffiness around your eye area. But if you make it into a regular practice, you’ll start seeing even more improvements over time!


Eye Yoga has plenty of benefits for the look and feel of your skin. It works the eye muscles, especially the orbicularis oculi, which are the muscles that go around the eye. So, with Eye Yoga, we’re opening up the eye and reducing lines and wrinkles.

The best thing about Eye Yoga is that you can do it at any time. I love doing it in the morning, but you can try it whenever it’s more convenient for you. What matters is to stick with it, and turn it into daily practice.

These Eye Yoga exercises can even turn into a meditative practice, too! Incorporate it into your self-care or meditation routine to reduce stress and tension.

Fancy learning more about Face Yoga? Visit my Podcast to find lots of information about these and other exercises.