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products to reduce wrinkles naturally

In this post, I’ll talk to you about some of my favourite products to help smooth wrinkles in the face 100% naturally. 

I get gifted lots of amazing products to try and review. Some of them I love, some of them not so much. What I do is, I try these products for a while first, then spend a while researching them so I can be bluntly honest before recommending them to you.

Ready? Let’s get started!


The first product is a 2 in 1. Some of you already know I’m in love with this Sleep and Glow pillow (Use code “faceyoga10” for $10 off). It’s incredibly soft, and it’s got little “dips” (as I like to call them) on the sides and another dip in the middle so it really adjusts to the curvatures of your body. 

For side sleepers like me, this pillow is a lifesaver. What it does is it ensures you’re not screwing up your face as you’re tossing and turning in your sleep, thus not allowing wrinkles to form overnight. 

Now, this pillow works just as perfectly for back sleepers. However, Sleep and Glow has developed a brand new product, both for people who are natural back sleepers and those who wish to become back sleepers. Here it is:

Aula Pillow by Sleep and Glow

(Use code “faceyoga10” for $10 off)

The dips I talked about earlier? The Aula pillow has a HUGE one in the middle, which doesn’t allow us to lie on to our sides (for a good reason). It comfortably molds the neck for the utmost comfort with a silk pillowcase that guarantees smooth face and hair throughout the night.  

By the way, according to Sleep and Glow, we should all be training ourselves to sleep on our backs! The benefits are tremendous: not only we won’t be rumpling our faces while we sleep, but we also won’t be waking up with that dreaded under eye puffiness. 

Plus, did you know dark circles can also be caused by sleeping on our sides? That happens because as you’re pressing your face against the pillow, you restrict blood flow, which then may result in puffiness as well as darkness under the eyes. 

(If you’d like to know how to reduce dark circles naturally, check out these 3 easy techniques you can do at home, in this video.)

Here’s how to train yourself to lie on your back:

In the beginning, spend an hour or so before you go to sleep on the Aula pillow. Start small, and get yourself used to the feeling. 

Continue to do so, gradually increasing the time you spend on the pillow, lying on your back.

If you can’t go on the whole night, that’s fine–just switch back to your Omnia pillow or your regular pillow. The secret is to keep putting in more time, really training yourself to sleep on your back without any strain. I am still in the training stages!


The Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone renowned for renewing our energy when we need some self-love and are feeling particularly sensitive (both mentally and physically).

You should gently scrape the rose quartz on your skin to both improve circulation and enjoy the energising benefits of the stone, all in one. 

I use this Gua Sha stone particularly in the morning. You can do a whole routine with this in about a minute or two, it’s super simple. By the way, I have a lot of YouTube videosexplaining how to use the Rose Quartz Gua Sha to lift the skin in intricate detail, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested. 


Foreo Bear Link

Use code – FYEBEAR for 14% off Foreo Bear and Bear Mini

(Though the Foreo Bear is a skin and life-changing product, it unfortunately isn’t suitable for certain medical conditions. Click the link above to go directly to their website and check whether it’s suitable for your personal use. I care about you, so please make sure it wouldn’t bring you any discomfort before you purchase it.)

I’m so glad I was given this product as I can no longer put it down. If you’re looking for an instant facelift, you’ve got to try this. 

This is a microcurrent device with T-sonic pulsations. If you have no idea what that means, the Foreo Bear will work your face muscles in a much deeper level than hand stimulation or, say, Gua Sha stimulation. Of course, you still want to massage and stimulate your face daily with your hands and stones, but this device is worth it for when you need to work your face muscles beyond the skin. 

While it’s more on the pricey side, it’s an incredible addition to your skincare regimen. It greatly improves blood circulation, as well as the flow of Chi energy (the energy of life) in the face.

Here’s how to use it:

Apply your Foreo serum all over the face. 

Turn the device on, and work it with upward strokes on the sides of the neck, avoiding the thyroid area. 

You can also work up the jawline and along the cheeks, as well as move up to the temple area and the forehead area between the eyebrows (which, by the way, is one of my favorite places to lift).

From my experience, I’ve found that this device contours the face marvelously, but it really depends on the area you want to target. For instance, my cheeks are already pretty contoured as they are, so I don’t usually do that many strokes on my cheeks. I keep it to 2 or 3 upward strokes. 

In fact, the Foreo Bear team is so confident in their product that they’ve sent me their device along with their biggest competitor’s device (the NuFACE toning device) to try out and compare both of them. I honestly think both are great, but I’m in love with the Foreo Bear and have been using it for several weeks now. It’s definitely worth the investment. 


I love these Frâicheur Ice Globes (At checkout, use code faceyogaexpert15 for 15% OFF!) so much I’ve already dedicated an entire YouTube video to how to de-puff the eyes with ice globes, if you’d like to check it out. 

Now, these two globes contain a yellowish liquid inside of them. When you put them in the fridge or freezer for a few hours, they feel lovely and cold on the face. Because they’re cold enough, they do wonders at reducing the appearance of pores. Though you can’t readily “open” and “close” pores as you’ve already heard, they can be made less apparent with tools like the Frâicheur Paris Globes. 

If you’re trying to lift the face, reduce puffiness around the eye area, or work on lymphatic drainage on the neck, these are for you. Not only do they feel amazingly refreshing, but they’re super easy to use. 

Here’s how to use them:

Simply use them to stroke your face upwards while applying a bit of pressure. For lymphatic drainage on the neck, feel free to apply downward strokes. 


I was recently sent these OIA Anti-Wrinkle Skin Patches (Use code IMDANIELLEIG for 10% off at checkout), and to be honest, I’m not usually fond of pretty much any anti-wrinkle patches I receive. But I must admit I really like these. 

I’ve used them a few times so far because they’re super easy to apply. What you’ll do is, you’ll place them over your skin and they just feel marvelous on. They keep your skin tight and smooth all the while you’re wearing them.

You could wear these just for a couple of hours a day when working or relaxing, especially during moments when you’re oblivious and could be screwing up your face or neck area. You can also wear them at night, if you’d prefer. All you have to do is place them on, super simple. 

These anti-wrinkle beauties create a little micro-climate between the skin and the patch so that when you remove them, the area will feel super soft. You do need to keep these on for a minimum of an hour, but trust me, you won’t even notice it. 

The package comes with one patch for the neck area, one for the chest area, and a few for the under eye and forehead area. The great thing is, each patch is reusable–you can reuse each one for 15 times! 

Have you already tried any of the above products? What’s your take on them? I’d love to know! Watch me talk about them in this YouTube video.

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Talk to you soon!