cheeks face yoga May 07, 2021
Tone saggy cheeks


Whether you’re dealing with saggy cheeks, a loss of volume in the face tissue, dull skin tone or excess bloating or fat in certain areas, I am going to share a bit about how Face Yoga can give you a natural non surgical face lift. Doing a bit of face yoga each day will strengthen and tone the muscles under your skin, all while improving your skin tone and increasing circulation and a natural detox. Try each exercise for about one minute per day.  It’s normal to feel muscle fatigue in the cheek muscles when you first start out, so be patient with yourself and practice this routine every day but remember always work to your own level and you should never feel pain. You can follow along using this YouTube video  

First, start with clean hands and a clean face. If you have the Fusion serum by Danielle Collins, apply a few drops to your face for the perfect amount of glide as you massage your skin. Place your hands together in a prayer shape just over your nose, and then glide them gently down the sides of your nose and back up along your cheekbones with a bit more pressure. While repeating this motion gently on your skin, focus on your breath, breathing in and out through the nose. Repeat for approximately one minute.

The second exercise involves flicking upwards along your cheekbones with two fingers. This draws energy to the surface of the skin along with fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen. By boosting circulation, this energized motion provides natural detoxification and helps to brighten your skin from dull to reinvigorated. Continue this motion for one minute before moving on.

For the third exercise, curl your pointer fingers into little balls and glide your knuckles down the sides of the nose and upwards along the cheekbones. You can use more Fusion serum here, as this motion helps to massage the molecules into the middle layer of skin where collagen and elastin are prevalent. This will boost the health of your skin while moisturising and toning it! If you haven’t tried the Fusion serum yet, you can purchase it here.

Next, puff out your cheeks and place the fingers of one hand over your lips. Use the other hand to gently tap the entirety of the cheek area, continuing this action for about 30 seconds on each side. If you’re new to this and your muscles are getting tired, you’re more than welcome to try 15 seconds on each side and repeat each side twice. This mini face workout strengthens the muscles that lie underneath the skin on your face, helping to tone and shape them for a natural face lift.

This next exercise is crucial for the reinvigoration of your skin because it increases circulation to the cheeks and brings energy to the face. To perform my fifth exercise, use two fingers and your thumb to lightly but quickly pinch all over the area of your cheeks on both sides. The pinch should not be hard, as it is important not to bruise the skin or overextend its elasticity, but rather an energized pinch should do the trick. Again, it’s important to be energized but gentle here and throughout your practice.

For this last exercise, repeat the first motion, gliding your hands from the prayer position down your nose, before adding a little bit of pressure and gradually moving back up the cheekbones. Focus on your breath, breathing in and out through your nose. Treat this practice like you would a yoga practice or a massage; you are deserving of sensitivity, care and attention, and it may just be more wonderful if you can learn to give it to yourself.

That’s it! Remember that all your facial muscles are connected, so it can be beneficial to do a full face yoga routine each day. However, if you don’t have the time to do so, or you’d rather work on a specific problem area, you’re welcome to do what works for you. For more information and training, you can read my book called Face Yoga: Firming Facial Exercises & Inspiring Tips to Glow, Inside and Out, available for purchase here. You can also check out my 10-day course, which includes a full digital copy of the book and a full facial workout that will take you only 10 minutes a day! If you’re on the go, download one of my apps by searching “Danielle Collins” in the App Store, or look into our Teacher Training course if you want to spread the love (and glow) by teaching these techniques to others!