skincare Dec 03, 2021
Top tips for facial cupping

Have you heard of Facial Cupping? The ancient healing tradition is becoming a popular part of our beauty routines. It helps you achieve plump, healthy, glowing skin without expensive lotions or cosmetic surgeons. 

Facial Cupping uses suction cups to relax and tone the muscles in your face. The cups gently squeeze the skin to draw blood towards the surface. This encourages the formation of new blood vessels to boost circulation. 

It also creates a controlled mini-trauma, similar to the process of micro-needling or derma-rollers. The natural healing process and increased blood flow help skin cells reproduce, boosting collagen to plump your face. 

At the same time, the alternative beauty treatment works the lymphatic system to prevent puffiness, brighten your complexion, and minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Facial Cupping doesn’t only create visible results without cosmetic surgery. It reveals our natural beauty. 

Today’s post will look into how you can use Facial Cupping to lift your face at home. 

I was recently joined by the lovely Sakina Di Pace on The Face Yoga Expert Podcast. Sakina, AKA The Facial Cupping Expert, has used Facial Cupping on her clients for many years and now teaches others how to do it safely and effectively. Here, she shares her three top tips for using Facial Cupping in your beauty routine.


Facial Cupping can be very powerful. So, it’s best to follow a protocol to prevent damaging any veins or arteries. 

There are two techniques you can practise; Flash Cupping and Dynamic Cupping. Flash Cupping involves squeezing and releasing the cups right away. Whereas, with Dynamic Cupping, you pinch the cup, slide, then release.

Sakina recommends you start by stimulating the lymphatic system in the neck. Apply the Flash Cupping technique as it won’t disturb the blood flow. Using the Dynamic Cupping method on the neck can be very dangerous. Moving the cup up and down can disrupt circulation to your head and cause you to faint. 

You should also choose the right type of cup for your skin. There are silicone and glass cups on the market. However, silicone cups are flexible, making them more gentle on the face. Use a small cup on delicate sections, like the eyes and neck, and a bigger one for your cheeks and forehead. 

Like the neck, you need to apply the correct technique when treating the thin skin under the eyes. Avoid sliding the cup over the area as it will be too powerful. Instead, use a silicone cup to gently squeeze and release the pressure. 

Once you’ve practised the process a few times, you will be able to complete the routine confidently again and again. 


Consistency is key to achieving beautifully glowing skin. Just like our bodies need a regular fitness routine to stay in shape. Our facial muscles need frequent care.

Sakina suggests using a facial cup for 5 minutes every day for the first week. During the second week, you should use Facial Cupping every other day. Then, from the third week, use a facial cup one to three times a week.

Some people start to see results within the first week. But the outcomes will be visible to everyone else after three weeks of consistent and proper use. 


If you’re not seeing results right away, it may be tempting to practise Facial Cupping for long periods. But if you’re not following the proper technique or applying too much pressure, you can cause bruising to your face. 

When using both the Flash Cupping and Dynamic Cupping techniques, the cup is not left long enough to cause bruising. Although, there are some cases where using the cup for longer than 5 minutes in one session can cause light bruising. 

You can try Facial Cupping at any age. But if you have thinner skin, it’s best to skip the treatment. Similarly, you shouldn’t practise over rosacea or spider veins. Instead, use a smaller cup to gently apply pressure on the neck to stimulate the lymphatic system. 

If you have recently had filler or botox, you should wait 3-5 months before Facial Cupping. Sliding the cup over filler may cause it to move. Instead, apply the cup to other areas of your face to reveal healthier skin.

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