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understanding your soul purpose with human design

I’m a huge believer in the power of helping you to understanding your deep soul purpose and using it to guide you in both your personal and your business life. 

When we know who we are in the world and understand our unique gifts and ways of being, we can use this understanding to build a life that feels fulfilling, aligned, and energising. It’s how I approach my life and my business.

Joanna Haines

Someone who very much shares this approach is Joanna Haines, a mentor, coach, yoga teacher, and specialist in Human Design. Joanna worked for a time in corporate interior design, but she knew her true purpose in life was to serve others and support them in their path towards healing and freedom, which led her to the work she now does.

Joanna joined me recently on the Face Yoga Expert Podcast where we shared an amazingly rich and varied conversation. 

I definitely recommend listening to the whole thing – we covered her journey to build her mentoring and coaching business, Human Design, the Akashic Records, connecting with your intuition, the importance of being open to pivoting when needed, and so much more.

You can listen to the full episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

In the meantime, my chat with Joanna has inspired me to share a little more about Human Design and how you can use it as a tool to help you understand your soul purpose.


You may already be familiar with Human Design through your own research or from previous podcast episodes I’ve done on this topic. But if you don’t already know what Human Design is, here’s a quick summary.

Human Design is a beautiful modality that uses your birth time and place to uncover your unique chart. This is an energetic blueprint that tells you where your gifts lie, where your sensitivities are, and how you can best make decisions and show up in the world.


You can quickly generate your chart online by just searching “Human Design chart” – you’ll need to know where you were born and the time and date of your birth. 

Then you can start your journey to understanding yourself better through the information contained in the chart. And there is a lot of information. 

You can start by understanding your Human Design type (see this blog post here for more on the different types) and then dive into your profile, authority, strategy, and not-self theme. The more you explore your chart, the more you’ll learn about yourself.

If it feels like an overwhelming amount of information, you can also work with a Human Design expert (like Joanna) to help you understand your chart better and focus on the areas that have the most impact for you right now.

Erin Claire Jones


You can learn more about the basics of Human Design and how it helps you live an aligned life in my previous podcast episodes with Erin Claire Jones and with Jenna Zoe


I think one of the most valuable things Human Design does for us is give us permission to be ourselves.

Seeing all the ways you show up in the world written down on paper can feel like a huge relief. You realise that there’s no point comparing yourself with others or feeling inadequate because you aren’t like this person over here. It’s not because you are broken or wrong, it is simply that you are designed differently to the people you’ve been comparing yourself with.

We’re born with a sense of who we are and what our purpose is. Over time, that sense of self gets buried through societal conditioning, our education, and the expectations of our families and friends. Often, we end up trying to mould ourselves to the people around us instead of embracing who we truly are.

Human Design is a great tool for helping us unpick all that conditioning and giving us permission to be who we are deep down on a soul level. With this clarity, we can start to see what is for us and what we need to let go of in order to live an aligned and fulfilled life.

If I’m making this sound simple, it isn’t, of course. Self-awareness is always an ongoing journey and it can be challenging to find that sense of acceptance.

For example, I’ve been interested in Human Design for a long time. But for ages I didn’t know my birth time, so I couldn’t generate my chart. 

I did a lot of reading about the different types and became very attached to the idea that I must be a projector – there was a lot about that energy type that seemed to resonate with me.

So, when I finally found out my birth time and was able to get my chart done, I was surprised to find I’m actually a 5/1 Generator (with Sacral authority). And it took me some time to accept this – I felt almost disappointed at first.

Part of the problem for me was that I had some misconceptions about Generators and their energy. I thought being a Generator meant always doing, doing, doing. And this didn’t resonate with me because I need to be quite careful about how I use my energy and make plenty of time for self-care.

Now that I know more about the different types and my own chart, I realise that the reason many of the things I was doing were sapping my energy was that I was trying to do things that didn’t align with my soul purpose.

Human Design helped me to realise that I needed to focus on things that truly light me up. I do this a lot more consciously now and I’m amazed by how much energy I have.


Another way Human Design helps you understand your soul purpose and take aligned action is by giving you insight into how you connect to your intuition and use it to make decisions.

I know that when I seek guidance from my intuition, it is the immediate gut response that I need to listen to. As a 5/1 Sacral Generator, my inner voice is a strong guide and I need to trust that instant yes/no response from my gut.

If I mull over a decision for too long, I’m taken away from my inner knowing and get too into my head.

In contrast, Joanna is a 6/2 Manifesting Generator with Emotional authority. Her decision-making needs to be guided by her feelings and she needs time to sit with her emotional response to a decision before committing to one path over another.

No matter what your type though, connecting to your inner knowing and understanding your soul purpose require you to set aside time for reflection and self-care.

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