face yoga facial massage Sep 14, 2022
easy massage solutions for vertical wrinkles above eyebrows

In this blog post, I’m sharing three quick and easy massage techniques you can use to address those small lines that can appear above the eyebrows. These techniques are especially good for reducing vertical wrinkles – and they’ll help you feel amazing too! 

Small vertical lines above the eyebrows often appear as we get older. Just like the number 11 lines that appear between our eyebrows, these small lines are typically caused by over-expressing with our brows and forehead. 

Many of us pull this area in when we’re stressed or concentrating, creating both number 11 lines and these smaller vertical lines above the eyebrows. We also hold a lot of tension in this area. So, our aim today is to use a few simple massage techniques to release that tension and encourage blood circulation to this area. 

In particular, we’re working with a muscle called the corrugator supercilii muscle. This is the one that we use to pull in our eyebrows. And it’s the one that many of us overuse. The three massage techniques in this post all target the corrugator supercilii muscle. 

You can use these techniques at any point during your day. No special equipment needed – just your hands. You can also combine them with other Face Yoga techniques if you’d like a longer practice. I have plenty of guides available on my YouTube channel to help you create the perfect routine. 

If you prefer a visual demonstration, I also have a video showing these three techniques


Find a comfortable place to sit or stand. You may want to be in front of a mirror, so you can see what you’re doing. 

Make sure you have clean hands and a clean face before starting any face yoga routine. Apply a few drops of serum to your forehead area – I prefer to use the Pro Lift Facial Moisturising Serum, which is specifically designed for use with face yoga. As well as giving your skin a wonderful glide, this serum is packed with organic, natural ingredients to nourish your skin. 

Before beginning the massage itself, take a moment to connect with your breath. Close your eyes and concentrate on lengthening your inhale and exhale, allowing your abdomen to rise and fall as you breathe through your nose. 

Although the massage techniques we’re going to use are great for reducing vertical lines above the eyebrows, the real core of the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is all about helping you feel good on the inside. When we feel happy, calm, and content on the inside, it radiates outwards. 

Simply taking a few moments to breathe can do wonders for our skin, and for our overall health. There’s no better way to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system and find a sense of calm, relaxation, and balance. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes and begin the massage. I suggest doing each of these techniques for around a minute, but you can do longer or shorter, depending on your needs. 


Take the index, middle, and ring fingers on each hand and place them on your forehead, just above each eyebrow. 

Press down gently through your fingertips. In terms of pressure, choose whatever suits you. I always encourage you to be very intuitive with face yoga and respond to what you need in the present moment. 

Release the pressure, then push down again. Repeat this slow pulse for up to a minute. 

This technique targets the corrugator supercilii muscle above the eyebrow. It helps to release tension and relax the muscle, smoothing and preventing those small vertical wrinkles. It also boosts blood circulation to your lower forehead area. 


Our next technique continues to work with the corrugator supercilii muscle, getting a bit deeper into the muscle to release even more tension. 

Form your index fingers into hooks. Using the middle knuckle, smooth along just above your eyebrows, starting in the centre and moving outwards. 

Lift your hands off and replace your knuckles in the centre to repeat the move. 

As well as releasing tension from the muscles, this technique helps to encourage blood flow to the skin. All that fresh blood brings with it plenty of oxygen and nutrients, helping your skin to look much healthier. 

Don’t forget to continue with those long, deep breaths as you work through this massage. Remember, we’re not just trying to reduce lines and wrinkles, we’re also giving ourselves a delicious moment of self-care to boost our overall mental and physical wellbeing. These deeper wellness benefits are what the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is all about. 


Our final massage technique is super simple. But it is also one of my favourite ways to relax the face, release stress, and boost blood circulation. You can use it all over your face, but today we’re specifically targeting the area above the eyebrows. 

Using the tips of your index fingers, tap from just above the inside edge of your eyebrows, moving along in a horizontal line until you reach your temples. 

Lift your fingers off and replace them in the centre to repeat the move. 

Not only does this feel lovely, but it also stimulates all the acupressure points that are found in this area of the face. Working with these acupressure points helps to relieve tension headaches, eye strain, and stress. Again, we’re getting all those deeper wellness benefits at the same time as reducing and preventing lines above the eyebrows. 


We’re all finished. Hopefully, the area above your eyebrows now feels relaxed and rejuvenated. 

As always, the key to getting results from these facial massage moves is to do them frequently. Face Yoga is like any other form of exercise or wellness habit – it takes regular practice to see the benefits. 

One of the best ways to make Face Yoga part of your daily routine is to start small. I often recommend that people begin by just aiming to do a couple of minutes each day. 

As you begin to see the benefits, you’ll feel inspired to do more and can start to build a longer practice. But you’re more likely to be able to sustain this habit for the long term if you don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much straight away. 

Another thing that can help is attaching Face Yoga to something that is already part of your daily routine. For example, lots of people like to do face yoga as part of their morning or evening skincare. You could also do it in the shower, while watching TV, or when you’re waiting to pick up the kids. 

If Face Yoga is already a part of your daily life and you’re ready to dive deeper, the best way to advance your knowledge is to join my face yoga teacher training course. You’ll learn loads of Face Yoga techniques, and you’ll also discover how to teach these amazing skills to others. 

You can do the course just to use it yourself at home, or perhaps use the knowledge and skills you gain to start teaching Face Yoga yourself. 

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