face tools Nov 24, 2020
face tools

There are so many beauty tools available now that it can be hard to know what will work for you. 

As a Face Yoga practitioner and expert for the last 17 years, I believe that our hands are some of the best tools we can use. Using only your hands in a Face Yoga routine can exercise, massage, relax the face and even apply acupressure. 

If you want to add a little variation to your routine, re-motivate yourself  or work your skin in a different way, I have put together a list for you of some of my favourite face tools for you. They all can be used to complement the work you’re already doing with your daily Facial Yoga and leave your skin looking and feeling glowing.


A jade roller is great to use anytime in the day but I particularly recommend this crystal in the evenings as part of your bedtime routine.

Use the roller on a clean face with a few drops of the Fusion by Danielle Collins Pro Lift Facial Moisturising Serumfor the best results.

Jade has so many benefits for your face and is often known as the ‘master crystal’ for the skin. It is perfect for skin lifting and smoothing, it helps to boost the circulation in your face and is renowned for balancing the yin and yang in the body to maintain one’s health. Generally it’s a good crystal for most people to use and particularly nice if you are looking for natural ‘anti ageing’ benefits.

A little tip…make sure you buy a jade roller that is really good quality. Some products say they are jade rollers when in fact they are made of glass or marble. If they aren’t made of jade, you won’t get all the goodness from the crystals! 

I highly recommend this roller and the accompanying YouTube videos.


Rose quartz is a renowned crystal to use in the morning, In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is recommended to be used between early morning and 1pm.

The rose quartz roller is especially good if you have sensitive skin or skin that is inflamed and prone to blemishes. It will calm down inflamed and angry skin but take care not to use it on any areas of active acne, rosacea or eczema. It is also great for you if you are a teenager, have mature skin or often feel quite sensitive in your mind and body.

It is also very good if you suffer from puffy eyes, dark circles or dull skin in the morning. Make sure you keep this roller in the fridge so it’s cold and refreshing when you use it on your skin. This will feel amazing when you use it under your eyes as it will help to leave them looking refreshed and de-puff them.

Have a look at the rose quartz roller I have here in my shop for more benefits and videos.


I love this product! The benefits of the Jade Gua Sha are almost endless. 

Again…keep this one in the fridge for when you’re ready to use it.

You can use this in so many ways. You can press and hold it on your skin when you wake up and it will help you with any under-eye puffiness.  As well as reducing puffiness, it will also help with dark circles, lifting and firming the skin. 

Use the Gua Sha on acupressure points to help with any tension that is causing you headaches. 

This Jade Gua Sha is beautiful quality, so you really get the full nourishing effect of the Jade. 

This is a really special, multi-use tool which will benefit your Face Yoga Routine. 


Can you tell that I love Jade? Probably because everyone can use it and it is so lifting, firming and healing for the skin.

This tool is perfect to use around the eye and lip area. Use the Jade Precision Tool between your eyebrows, under your eyes and around your lips if you have lip lines

This tool will help to reduce puffiness and help boost circulation. 

Find out more about the Jade Precision Tool here. 


Body Gua Sha is one of the most traditional and beneficial ways of using Gua sha because of it’s ability to ease stress in the body and mind.

The Stainless Steel Gua Sha is perfect for using on your chest area, neck, lower back and shoulders. When we reduce strain from these areas we not only feel more comfortable but we indirectly help the face too. Less stress in the body always equals less lines on the face.

When you use the Stainless Steel Gua Sha, you might notice some redness but there shouldn’t be any pain. The redness is good as it shows it’s getting your blood circulating. 


If you suffer with frequent headaches or hold a lot of tension in your head, this tool is going to be so useful for you. 

You use it by brushing it through your hair and around your head

This is a multi-use tool, though. You can also use it when you’re in the shower and work it over your legs to reduce and prevent cellulite. The Jade Hair Comb will get the blood moving and improve your circulation. 

For even more benefits, have a look here. 


I love this Kansa Wand you can buy from Mauli Rituals. 

It is a little bit more expensive than some other brands you can buy but it is beautifully made and such a useful tool to have. 

The Kansa Wand is so good for massaging your skin and working on Ayuvedic ‘Marma’ or acupressure points. 

Make sure you have clean skin and use lots of my Fusion By Danielle Moisturizing serum when you use it as, when you use the Wand it brings out a lot of acidity in the skin which can leave it looking a bit grey if you use no oil or have make up on. 

This tool honestly feels SO good! It will lift and smooth your skin while leaving you relaxed in the process. Win win!


I love to use this will a sheet mask and massage it over my face. It really helps to get all the goodness from the mask into my skin. 

This amazing tool has lots of LED lights which do wonders for your skin including lifting, firming and reducing inflammation. 

I love to use this tool four or five times a week for maximum impact. 


This tool is amazing to use with a cleanser. I add a bit of water, press it on and it goes for about a minute. Just work it around the skin and let the sonic vibrations do their work. Your skin will feel clean and firm when you’ve finished.


With so many options available on the market, take a look at this helpful page on my website and this YouTube video I made for you to work out which tool will suit you.