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The Face Yoga Workshop Bundle


The ultimate natural face lift video package for your best skin ever!



The Face Yoga Workshop bundle includes four Face Yoga workshops of 2-hours each which you can enjoy as many times as you like when you need a boost of pampering self care.


Each workshop is based around a specific selection of Face Yoga exercises tailored uniquely to the theme of the workshop plus plenty of wellness techniques for your mind, body and soul.


What's included?


Four 2-hour video workshops of facial exercises, facial massage, acupressure, relaxation and wellness techniques, which includes:

  • 1x Face Yoga for Lifted Skin (with Reiki healing): 2-hour workshop

  • 1x Face Yoga for Glowing Skin (to feel like a Goddess): 2 hour workshop

  • 1 x Face Yoga for Radiant Skin (with a journey through the Chakras): 2 hour workshop

  •  1 x Face Yoga for Smooth Skin (with a journey through 4 elements): 2 hour workshop



  • 4 x PDF mini e-books with summaries of the key takeaways from each video

  • Lifetime access to all the content

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This is £220 worth of Face Yoga content for just £51! 


These workshops were originally taught live via Zoom and now you get to experience these recordings in your own time. You will get the exact same immersive and transformative experience as when it was live plus feel blissfully relaxed at the end of each session with fabulous lifted skin too.



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Yours today for just £51 (worth £220)


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