107. How To Do Facial Cupping At Home To Lift The Face

Episode #107

Have you heard of facial cupping? Sakina Di Pace AKA The Facial Cupping Expert is an Acupuncturist who has used facial cupping on her clients for many years and now teaches others how to do it safely and effectively at home. In this episode we chat about: 

  • What facial cupping is 
  • Benefits of facial cupping 
  • What areas of the face it works on 
  • Tips for at-home use 
  • Silicone vs glass cups 
  • Contraindications  
  • Using facial cups if you have had botox/fillers 
  • Sakina's wellness routine 
  • Sakina's top tip for inner peace 

You can connect with Sakina on https://thefacialcuppingexpert.com and @thefacialcuppingexpert on Instagram 

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