220. Chats About The Energies Of 2024, Goal Setting And Self Healing With Katie Blake

This week we have a regular guest on the podcast, the wonderful Katie Blake. As well as being a globally renowned skin expert, Katie is an energy healer and our Gua Sha teacher training course Super Trainer.

In this episode, we have a very deep and honest chat about how we both feel about last year. We also talk about how we feel about 2024. Katie talks about global energy for both years as well as ways she protects her own energy and uses self healing. We chat about the pros and cons of goal setting and how using intentions and boundaries is helpful at the start of the year. We also delve into what the Gua Sha teacher training course is and how the process works.

You can connect with Katie via Instagram @katieblake_theskinwhisperer and https://www.katietheskinwhisperer.com

You can find out more about the Gua Sha teacher training course here https://www.faceyogaexpert.com/facial-gua-sha-teacher-training