222. What's Your Website Really Saying About You? With Expert Liz Ellery

This week I have website designer, Liz Ellery on the show. Liz is back again by popular demand and she gives you so many actionable tips and tricks to start or uplevel your website and brand. In this episode we chat about:

  •  My new website and how Liz helped me with this
  •  How we chose my brand colours and feel
  •  How to choose your brand and website colours
  •  Ways to help your website look more professional 
  •  How to decide on your website feel and messaging
  •  How to bring the real you into the website 
  •  How to make your website easy to navigate 
  •  How to clear the clutter on your website 
  •  Encouraging connection and community on your site

You can connect with Liz via Instagram @elizabeth_ellery and on her website https://www.elizabethellery.com