The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

Hosted by: Danielle Collins

Welcome to The Face Yoga Expert Podcast hosted by World leading Face Yoga Expert and bestselling author, Danielle Collins. This is an inspiring, informative and uplifting weekly show where you can listen in on real...

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214: Here's 9 Natural Skincare Secrets from Different Cultures Around the World

In this week's solo episode I talk you through 9 different cultures around the world and what they can teach us about skincare. We explore some key natural ingredients from certain countries and how their traditional...
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213: How To Get Clearer Skin By Looking After Your Gut Health

Episode #213

This week is a short solo episode and I am chatting about the fascinating connection between our digestive system and our skin. I talk about why a healthy gut can help you have healthy skin and the exact steps to...
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212. I Take These 13 Supplements Every Day For My Skin, Energy And Mood

Episode #212

In this week's solo episode, I am chatting about the supplements I take every day. I talk about how I take them, why I take them, and why they make a difference to my life.  It is also important to mention these are...
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211. The 4 best skincare ingredients for smoother skin today

Episode #211

This week I am talking about skincare! I delve into the information and science behind 4 of my favourite skincare ingredients. All these ingredients are in the Fusion by Danielle Collins Pro Lift Moisturising Serum. I...
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210. Which Of The 4 Face Yoga Personality Types Are You?

Episode #210

This week is a solo episode and I am sharing the 4 Face Yoga personality types with you. There are 4 key types of Face Yogi's and all of which are equally wonderful! When you understand your type, you can better...
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209. The 10 Foods I Eat Every Week For Glowing Lifted Skin

Episode #209

This week is a solo episode and we are talking about food! I share with you 10 of my favourite fruits and vegetables that I eat every week (sometimes every day) which are not only great for my body and mind but also...
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208. Facial Muscle Magic: Your Guide To Using The Major Muscles To Lift Your Skin Naturally

Episode #208

This week is a solo episode and we are talking facial muscles. I chat with you about the key muscles in your face, neck, head, ears, and tongue in a simple, digestible way. We delve into the key muscles and why...
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207. My Ultimate Tips To Instantly Become Your Highest Vibe Self To Manifest Your Goals

Episode #207

This week is a solo episode where I talk about being high vibe! When we are resonating at our highest vibration we manifest more effectively and live the life of our dreams. I talk you through practical tips and...
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206. A Very Honest Chat About My Hormones, Perimenopause And PMDD With Expert Pippa Campbell

Episode #206

This week's episode feels a bit of a scary one to release! It is a very honest, open, and vulnerable chat with hormone expert Pippa Campbell. We delve into my new experience of the perimenopause as well as looking at...
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205. Feeling Negative All The Time? Listen To This!

Episode #205

This week my guest is Cortney McDermott, a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and mind-body expert, with a Master of Science from the London School of Economics. In this episode, we talk a lot about the importance of...
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204. My 5 Best Facial Exercise Tips For A Natural Face Lift

Episode #204

This week I am the guest! I was interviewed by Dr Jeanne Retief on her podcast 'My FIGGI Life' and we had a deep and inspiring chat about so many aspects of Face Yoga so I wanted to share it with you on here today. In...
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203. The 5 Social Media Secrets For More Freedom, Finance And Fun In Your Business

Episode #203

This week is a solo episode and a recording from a live Zoom workshop I did last week with an amazing group of 650 of you. In this episode, I share exactly how to use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok...
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